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    A favorite quote...#103

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      Hello! Good Friday! I thought today I would share a quote that I keep posted nearby in the office:


      "To be persuasive, we must be believable;

      To be believable, we must be credible;

      To be credible, we must be truthful."

      -Edward R. Murrow


      I think it's important to be truthful with customers in business, it's ethical and a good practise. What do others think? I would rather be honest with someone than to skirt around an issue. If you can't do something or don't want to do something for a customer, you should just honest with them and tell them the truth. I am learning how to so "no". Also, if you say you are going to do something, we all need to follow through because some people have a memory like an elephant!


      Have a great weekend, everyone!