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    A favorite quote...102

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      Hello. I like to keep inspirational quotes in a notebook and I thought I would share the following. It is one of my all-time favorites and I practise it when I conduct business. Since my first quote was pretty popular yesterday and got a good response, I thought I would do #2.

      If you like it and would like to see more, please let me know! Please share if you practise this quote.


      "Always give people more than what they expect to get". Nelson Boswell, author


      I practise this quote in my business and it actually just comes as second-nature for me. I am a "giver". My grandmother was very giving and when you would visit her, you would go home with shopping bags of goodies. My father is the same way. When I visit him, he is giving away practically everything in the house. For my business, when customers place an order - - -they automatically receive their jewelry in a velvet and satin lined necklace pouch, a box with lid, ribbon, paperwork and it comes in a sturdy tote bag. I always like to include a free "surprise" gift with purchase, too. I want my customers to receive their order and be so impressed and wow'd. Have you ever bought something from a business owner and were impressed with some extra goodies you never expected? Even with purchases from eBay, I have rec'd small votive candles, candy, a bar of soap...just small little things that make you go hmmm and smile.

      Have a great day!
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          "There's nothing worse for a bad product than great advertising."

          - One of my advertising instructors

          He went on to explain that if advertising does its job, it will peek interest and encourage trial. And if the product is bad, more people will discover this more quickly. Sometimes, it is better to tell a client to not advertise and focus on fixing their product because the client only gets one chance with most consumers.

          This was the moment I realized that the job of an advertising professional is more like a lawyer and accountant than a waiter - we are advisors and consultants trying to help businesses grow, not just taking orders and delivering what they think they need. I recently had to tell a client not to do TV because they couldn't afford to do it right, there are better ways to accomplish what he wanted. And he is still my client.
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            If you want good Hay, you must pay a fair price for it.

            Hay is much cheaper after it passes through the horse.

            Here's another:

            Haste makes waste...but He who hesitates is lost. So, no matter where you go....there you are.
            On the other hand, I have four fingers and a thumb.