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    "Affordable" Web Design, Hosting and Search Engine Optimiza.

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      Hello Everyone,

      I know you have seen similar posts (by others) in this forum before, so my goal is to keep this short and sweet. I have great expertise (12 years) in web & biz dev, hosting and online marketing (SEO and PPC). I have only offered my services to few people in the past because I have been extremely busy in general. However, today, I have decided to list my services in this forum and see what feedback I get from our community.

      My target audience is: business owners who run small to mid size brick-and-motor companies, i.e. watch repair shop located in Mountain View, CA. I want to help these business owners understand the importance of having a web site and search engine optimization.

      So, if you are a business that is looking to:
      • Increase Leads (potential $$$)
      • Increase Revenue (more $$$)
      • Get Visibility in the right place at the right time (hi, I am here)

      than, you (or someone from your company) should be talking to me.

      Here is an actual testimonial I got from a client: " Your knowledge of web designing and advertising has helped my store triple its traffic. Your ideas are genuis and I find our store overacheiving. Our competitors may have more resourses but you have put me ahead of all of them with your advanced adverising stategies. Rob, F. Los Angeles"

      I promise, I did not write this, it is a real client testimonial.

      Alright, still wondering how I can help you? Well, wonder no more, I am offering my consulting service (with limits of course) for Free, for the 1st business owner who replies to this post by saying "I would love to try your service". Remember, you have to meet the folowing critiria:
      • You are/own a small to mid. size brick-and-motor company
      • You are willing to provide a real testimonial and share your experience (on this forum and email)
      • You have patience
      • You accept the free abovementioned service AS IS with out any guarantees and warranties
      • You accept the free abovementioned service at your own risk
      • The free abovementioned service can be terminiated/canceled for any reason at anytime by either party
      Now that I got that out of the way, you are free to post your feedback and questions.

      Thank you for your time,