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    Repossession Business - Worthy of Loan/LOC ?

    RepoMama Newbie
      Good day all!

      I am a co-owner of a family owned Repossession Business in SF Bay Area.
      We have been up & running as a Corporation pretty well since 1953
      and are FINALLY looking into getting some money for trucks, equipment
      and cash to sit on and who know, we might even move locations. The
      amount we are thinking is in the ballpark of $175k to $250k MAX.

      Truth be told, we both have average FICO scores and want to get the
      ball rolling by month's end. We have a D&B rating that is fair and
      some corp cards in the corp name(2 I think). However, EVERYWHERE I turn
      it's the same line, "we need your personal information" for a BUSINESS
      LOAN. HELP!

      I truly look forward to insights and ideas.
      I am working on a business plan and financial papers at this time.