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    Ups and Down of the maketing, Why people is affraid of it?

    wisgoo Wayfarer
      I work for a Marketing company, and i like this subjects, most of the time the people, and to be honest, also me... we are affraid of marketing people or people who knocks your door becuase they want you to buy something, in my opinion have to be something really good for me to buy it, or have to be something that will provide excellent incomes to my own company.

      I also have a Hostel of my own and there are people that call me to offer me things to increase the income of my company but they don't know anything about the reality of the business, so i will like you to share with me about this, to check if is a good risk to buy products by phone and to check how do i know that the person is not fraude, i mean if the person is from the company he is telling me that he works.

      Best Regards,

      Mary Arza
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Mary, Ups and Down of the Marketing.
          Sounds like a best seller Title. Want to write a book??
          I am a SCORE Counselor in N. Y.??
          Do they have SCORE in Toronto??
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              wisgoo Wayfarer
              well, that's something i like a lot, the marketing advertising, i have been woking in that approximetly all my life, but soemtimes i know is difficult for both , for the person that wants to buy becuase have a need of something, and also for the person that is selling.

              Let say the person that wants to buy becuase don't know if is ok, to give money to an extranger, and the person that is selling becuase is nervious and also if he is selling the product he doesn't know if is going to be productive for the customer.

              I personally don't know any Score in canada, but if you say that's a best seller title, better for me. and thanks for the conplement!.... would you like us to keep in touch for you to give me more info?
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  Marketing is a great field! I can't imagine doing anything else. I think the mistrust is a result of people marketing and advertising over promising what a product will do. The level of trust between the seller and the buyer has been damaged. The market place is full of people screaming for attention. And they are trying to get this attention by saying whatever they think will attract more customers. In this environment people find it hard to believe any claim.

                  The key for anyone marketing a product or a service is to find the balance between what people want and how the product or service will do it for them.

                  I could go on all day about this! In the end, it is up to those of us in marketing and advertising to restore the trust. Or at least that is what I believe.