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    Web-sites or Blogs?

    designer Tracker
      Hello. There has been a lot of discussion about whether or not small business owners should have a web-site or a Blog.

      My impression on the matter is that I always thought a web-site is classy, credible and professional and you can incorporate or make your web-site into an e-commerce site, so that if you are selling a service or product, customers can order from you on-line and safely with Paypal or a credit card, etc. Many times with a web-site you work with a graphics designer and create an image and "look and feel" and you also work with a Webmaster and the web-site allows you to grow and expand, etc.

      My impression of a Blog is that it is more of a casual discussion forum where anyone can give input, send in photos, etc. A Blogger may not be out to really sell anything, but a Blog owner can become quite famous like Periz Hilton who's job it is to gossip about the stars and then he get's paid tons because so many people visit his site and his hits are through the roof and everyone is begging him to advertise on his site. It seems from what I am hearing that Blogs are getting all the attention and all the rage and showing up real high on the Google search engines.

      I have even heard that you can have a web-site and a Blog and link them together? Someone suggested to me to take my web-site "Celebrity" page and make it into a Blog and I am just wondering why my web-site "Celebrity" page is not good enough and I would need to make it into a Blog for more hits and exposure. I am confused.
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          HotCocoa Wayfarer
          This is a good question.
          Blogs are a type of website. Many of the blogging platforms out there, like Wordpress, Text Pattern or Moveable Type, are quickly becoming fulfledged content managment systems. This allows for both static information, and timeline based information. You can controll all of your content from one reletively simple control panel. Furthermore you can aprove, delete or even disable comments all together.

          Blogs can also be seamlessly integrated into websites. As an example this site uses blogging technology for the articles section. It doesn't come across as a typical blog because of it's continuity with the brand established, and the professional focused nature of the content written. On your site, in your celebrities section, you have a blog-like timeline based form of content. It is pertinant to what you are trying to accomplish, and fits your site well, but you aren't geting the benefit of the search engine friendly xml driven backend.

          The technology behind most blogging platforms is xml. This is an easily syndicated feed. It is also very search engine friendly. As such search engine bots will crawl your pages more efficiantly and more often. When you are ready, Blog Design Solutions by Friends of Ed is a great book for learning how
          to skin one of these platforms to match you current look and feel. And
          Designing with Web Standards by Jeffery Zeldman is a great resource for
          why some things work better than others on the web.

          I'll be watchikng this thread if you have anymore questions.

          Jac - Hot Cocoa Creative
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            websolutions Tracker
            Designer, it is all about Search Engine Optimization (on-page, etc.). Remember, optimized unqiue content is king, make sure you have tons of unique SEO content on your website/blog in conjunction with other SEO tools like or other similar scripts. If you have $$ to spend things get much better but you have to know where to spend it.

            Here is a good example: I have created and installed the following Americal Idol blog: archuleta david dot com and with little SEO effort, I have been getting 1000 unique visitors per week. I just received an $30k offer by an fan who wants to take over the blog but I am going to wait this out, because of many reasons.

            Anyway, you can definitely get results with your site, having your thoughts/questions posted in this forum is a great start! You are on the right track.

            If you have any additional questions, let me know.


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              ModernGorilla Wayfarer
              A website should be thought of as your storefront, with the product or business service given top priority. It should be easy for people to window-shop your business, find information they're looking for and put them at ease in doing business with you. Marketing goes along with this (but since it's another animal entirely I won't get into that).

              A blog can be whatever you make it- I suggest that you think of a blog as the "news and events" addition to your business presence on the web. It doesn't have to be informal, but you can promote your services in a first person voice and gain substaintially higher rankings than you would with a normal business site. It doesn't have to set the world on fire, but it should be looked at as supplement to your rankings (if you stay within the same theme of your main site and link back to it).

              For instance, you probably wouldn't get any ranking for listing a celebrity on your main site- but Google will give signifigantly higher creedance to the same thing posted to your blog. If someone was looking for something on that celebrity, they might find your blog, and later your main site. Think of it like a backdoor that you can use to introduce people to your business.

              So the answer is.. do both. For a better effect, host the website on one provider and the blog on another.
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                  websolutions Tracker
                  alternative but I stick to having a website and blog on the same IP--it has worked better for me than having a site in one location and a blog on blogspot for example.

                  If you worry that the ip might be hearting you than make sure you get 2 IPs that are not a like, this might help however, since all shared hosting providers pile tons of clients together on single server, single IP, I doubt that google is going to penalize them all.
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                  HotCocoa Wayfarer
                  Let's not get too creative with ip's and multiple sites. There is no reason to try to goose your ratings by using two or more sites. Again the nice thing about an xml driven site is the ability to syndicate through an RSS or Atom feed. You simply post that feed to a service like feedburner or technorati and it updates these catalogues of feeds automatically. This acts as a second and third resource for your sites content. It also gets you more crawls from the search engines. Same result talked about above, but through an approved and accepted method by search engines.
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                      websolutions Tracker
                      you don't have to get too creative but I must tell you that I will.
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                        seoservicepro Ranger
                        HotCocoa said "There is no reason to try to goose your ratings by using two or more sites."

                        Why do you say that? Just curious.

                        Ifyou are selling a product or service, your website is an advertisement for those products or services. Do you buy just one TV ad? One Radio Ad? One Magazine or Newspaper Ad? Then why only have one ad on the Internet?

                        There was print advertising, then along came radio advertising, then TV advertsiing and now along comes the Internet, the next advertising medium. Now suddenly we throw out standard marketing knowledge like advertising as much as possible?

                        Again, this applies only if you are selling something. But if you are, then your website is not your online store, your home on the Internet or your web address or any other permanent-sounding thing.It is an interactive advertisement where customers and clients can purchase from you through your ad. It's kind of like those TV commercials that say "Call Now!".

                        People sometimes feel insulted at my comments about this, especially those who have spent thousands of dollars creating a web presence at just one location. But if you think about it, you'll see that owning just one website is like tying one hand behind your back in a fight.

                        If you own one website and you rank #1 in Google for your main search term and I'm a competitor and I build 100 websites ranking in several different positions, I will still do more business overall than you would. It's a numbers game is an old saying that applies to sales. The more ways you get your sales pitch out and the more times you get your sales pitch out, the more sales you will make. That's sales 101. So why would we take a different approach on the web?

                        You only need one website that has everything, including your shopping cart. The you build microsites that only sell one service or product each and each of those only targets a smaller set of keywords. If you can place 2 websites on the front page of Google for a given term, then you increase the chance of bringing more people to your website.

                        These are all basic priniciples and easy to understand. It isn't rocket science. If you were advertising on TV, Radio or in Print and your marketing consultant said we need to advertise more, you would likely do so. So apply that same principle to the web and start making more money.

                        Just a thought.
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                        SeoGuy Newbie

                        There is no doubt a blog can help your website from a search results perspective. Blogs tend to create lots of content as well as links which is why search engines like them. Outside of search, by building a community of interest around your business with a blog, you will earn more attention for your site. The blog will allow you to distribute useful content and other information to the community.

                        Here are some tips for creating a blog that's useful to your audience (which in turn will make it attractive for search engines):

                        ~Have a clear topic or focus - clearly state what the blog will be about and what it will not cover. Ensure this is prominent on the blog's design or accessible in an "About this blog" section.
                        ~Regular posting - frequency of postings will determine how much attention you receive from readers and search engines. The more often you post, the more often users (and engines) will return.
                        ~Identified author and human tone of voice - have an identifiable individual(or group of individuals), as authors. Blogging should allow a natural, personal tone of voice to develop on the blog and be wary of marketing-copy or sales language
                        ~Comments section - allow users to post comments. Blogs without comments sections are not taken seriously by bloggers and their readers, and technically they are news feeds. Comments sections on posts are vital to allow conversations to begin, and to get reader feedback.
                        ~Plenty of links - blog posts should reference other news articles and blog posts within them. Useful links and recommended reading lists are also a good idea.
                        ~RSS feed - Ensure there ia an option for RSS feeds.
                        ~Search and archiving - make sure there is an internal search feature and that archives of blog posts can be searched or browsed by categories or tags.
                        ~Tagging - posts should be given "Technorati tags" to let your readers spread the word
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                            seoservicepro Ranger
                            Great points SEOGuy. Add to that, link your posts to other relative posts within your blog to create more page views and keep readers on your blog longer.
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                                snvservices Wayfarer
                                Well, blogs and web site goes hand in hand and it is like blogs are much better to get lot of traffic to your web site and particularly for the services or the products that you want people to come to know about as, I always prefer to have blogs and regular updates needs to be done for the blogs to get people in touch for latest upcomings.

                                Web sites are also no doubt very good to market your services and if it a e commerce web site then it is always good.

                                Thanks! <!--Session data-->
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                              LogoMotives Wayfarer
                              My website originally went live in 1998. Over the years it became somewhat static/stale and I found that I just didn't get around to updating it on a regular basis. In the fall of 2005 I started my blog - bLog-oMotives - and I found it a much more natural, and easily updated, extension of my business. It also quickly began to bring much more potential business my way from people finding it though Internet searches. When the release date for me second book, Identity Crisis!, was nearing I initiated a new blog for the purpose of marketing/promoting the book and sharing information/reviews about it. Again, the search engine traffic was greatly improving my design business at the same time. This past fall I had to do something with the sad state of affairs on my business website. I ended up creating a new homepage - with links to bLog-oMotives, my Identity Crisis! blog and my newly renovated business "blogfolio." The Jeff Fisher LogoMotives "blogfolio" has worked MUCH better for me in marketing and promoting my design efforts - and other designers, clients and potential clients have all given me a great deal of positive feedback about the effort. Admittedly, promoting one's business in such a manner is not for everyone - but it has been very beneficial for my business.

                              • J.
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                                intechspecial Ranger
                                Q. Web-site or blog?
                                A. That would depend on the product the business is selling, and the consumer they are trying to sale to.
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                                  Green1 Adventurer
                                  Hi Designer,

                                  Since there is a great deal of information readily available about blogs I have viewed several fairly recently. At first I had mixed feelings but have come to the conclusion that personally I prefer a website to conduct business. Blogs appear to contain far more information with little space between sections, sometimes to the extent the site is confusing. I would have a blog for enjoyment in order to update individuals on my activities in the same manner as I would write in a journal or diary; only for sharing. I like the professional layout of a website for making purchases.

                                  Regardless of blog or website; if it is not clear and concise I do not stay long enough to make a purchase.

                                  As always, this is only one opinion out of many.

                                  Enjoy your weekend.
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                                      HotCocoa Wayfarer
                                      But see, your making a destinction that isn't really neccessary. "Blogs" and "websites" aren't mutually exclusive. Layout isn't inherent in one and not the other. Futhermore, it is common for a professional website to have a news or press release section built into it. This isn't different than a "blog" at all.

                                      What I am extolling here is the use of xml driven content for both ease of publishing and syndication. the fact that most bloging platforms make this possible makes them a popular tool for generating content. Some of the more developed blogging platforms allow for static pages as well. I use Wordpress. It's free easy to style to my own taste, and can look very much diferent than an ordinary "blog". But it really comes down to what you are trying to accomplish.

                                      I will give an example of how I could use a blog to increase sales. Lets say I sell handkercheifs. And I just got a new shipment of fine itallian silk. I would publish a blog entry and introduce the product. Within that entry I would have a direct link to the item in my ecommerce application. And I might include a promotional code as well. Now this entry is also built into an easily syndicated RSS feed. So a scarf collector could easily subscribe to this feed within their email application or even web browser. Or even better they could republish your rss feed on their handkerchief collectors website and drive aditional traffic to your site and improve your SEO all the while.

                                      Saying I want a website, is like saying I want an automobile.
                                      Well, what kind? What do you want it to do? Who is going to build it? Who is going to maintain it?
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                                          Mike75065 Scout
                                          Hi there,

                                          This is Michael75065

                                          Love your information very good. Sound so smart. I am trying to learn all this.

                                          I like to know if you don't mind. I have a online business and I like to also do a newsletter or
                                          website and I like to know which is better to advertise a bisiness. A website or a newsletter
                                          and best way to help promote my business. Also who is good to use?

                                          I have tons of experience in sales and marketing and just want your expertise. I love your posting very interesting.


                                          When you have time please respond,
                                          Michael Ladd
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                                        NatOnline Tracker
                                        Its all depends of the blogs and websites.

                                        I prefer much more to put information about my products and informative articles, then a blog. Many e-commerce owners create blog just to chat without giving more information. They just create pages for links and SEO purposes, that's all. If you want to create a professional blog related to your topics of course, I am not sure you will get a ROI, It's all depend on what field you are.

                                        Good luck
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                                          intechspecial Ranger
                                          How about a website where you can blog?
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                                              snvservices Wayfarer
                                              It is like according to me, sometime web sites and blogs both are important and for the services that we want to represent infront of all the people can be represented by creating blogs.

                                              I strongly prefer blogs are very important for the business as, you can put all your blogs at social networking sites which can help you to get traffic.

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                                              stevepat Adventurer
                                              my suggestion would be this : It completly depends on the requirement, If your trading or selling products online then i suggest go with website . Get classy web site done from any of website designers or look for small business website design packages in search engines(google) you will get some good packages and compare and opt for one. Blog : basically sates about personal usage, You can even use blog site like wordpress or othe CMS for your website creation or use simply it for self. So it depends what are basically looking from website or blog . :)
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                                                Marketing1 Wayfarer
                                                A blog is a website.

                                                The way you configure the site predicates whether the content is static (as in pages) or listed in reverse chronological order (as in posts). Posts can be set up in categories, have tags and be accessed through an RSS feed on the site. Pages are available in the main navigation of the site.

                                                Search engines treat pages on a blog site just like any other web pages....except the inherent technical qualities of a blog site give it certain advantages in the search engines and there are lots of free plugins (applications) that can be easily integrated.

                                                One of the most important features of a blog website is it can include owner and visitor generated content so it becomes more of a conversation rather than a pushing out of information which is what a typical website does.

                                                We have redesigned websites for clients using WordPress technology and they have immediately moved to the first page of Google for some of their key phrases after years of trying and being frustrated in their efforts to rank. If those sites had been built to current standards the improvement might not have been so dramatic...some of them were not built to any standards and did not have a hope of getting traffic.

                                                Here is an article I wrote that gives more information

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                                                  Marketing1 Wayfarer
                                                  A blog is a website.

                                                  It's all in the setup whether posts are used that archive in reverse chronological order or static pages (just like the pages on any typical website) are set up and a blog can either be incorporated or not.

                                                  Posts are categorized, you can use tags on them and will feed your RSS to notify followers when you have new content.

                                                  The site can have ecommerce, video, audio, a private members area and numerous other features depending on the plugins (applications) may of which are free, that you choose to install. It's also easy to optimize your own blog site with the use of the "All In One SEO" plugin.

                                                  Content can be added by the owner and by visitors (totally at the control of the site owner) so instead of the one way pushing out of information, your site becomes more of a conversation and visitors are generating fresh content for you to.

                                                  Most of the sites we build now use WordPress technology with either a free template from or a custom design (theme) that we build for the client. Instead of rebuilding a site it's possible to change the look by changing the theme which is an economical way to freshen a site when it starts to look dated or tired.

                                                  We have a number of clients who struggled to rank in the search engines for years and never got anywhere. The new sites were on page one of Google almost immediately (for some of their main keyword phrases) when we redesigned/developed them using WordPress. If their old sites had been built to any kind of standards the improvement might not have been so dramatic.

                                                  Here is an article with more information:

                                                  And some websites built using blog technology for you to look at

                                                  Technology is always changing. Why limit yourself to something that may be more familiar but provides fewer benefits?

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                                                    vnavguys Tracker
                                                    You need both in my opinion, I never start a new ecommerce with without a blog or many blogs supporting it. Your site should sell your product and you should have articles on your site about using that product, directions, and any content that gives the customer value. Your blog should talk about the industry that your store is in, so you can be more general. You will talk about the industry, not try to sell stuff. People hate that, the idea is to build yourself up as an authority on the industry and gain a following.
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                                                      malena Adventurer




                                                      As for me the U'll succeed (if U've chosen an I-net way of promotion) if to combine blog and a website. Website for example will contain all the info about your business, goods and services and on the home page U may set a link to blog where customers could expres their opinion and wishes.


                                                      I really think so because it's very necessary to have a feedback)
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                                                        heather24 Adventurer
                                                        Hi ,

                                                        These social tools allow a small business owner a lot in the way of advantages, and I want to put together a little map of steps I might take if I were running a small business and wanted more sales.

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                                                          RedTieMedia Adventurer
                                                          Use blogs to generate more traffic to your website.
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                                                            knowhosting Wayfarer
                                                            Why not just have both? Your website is generally much more configurable than your blog - you can have a shopping cart, a photo gallery, and special programming. Often times you can have these things from a blog too but it's not really your own.

                                                            But, there is no problem in having both. Different people search for different things - some love reading blogs while others look only for websites. For this reason, a blog can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. So, I say do both! :)

                                                   - Small Business Website solution - everything included for $9.99, even a shopping cart!
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                                                              i have heard that some websites get kicked off of the Search Rankings for blogging. I say Website. I do see a link for some people who want blogs as well. I sa WEBSITE
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                                                                  knowhosting Wayfarer
                                                                  "i have heard that some websites get kicked off of the Search Rankings
                                                                  for blogging."

                                                                  I think this is only true if you are duplicating content. If you're producing original content, then there is no reason why you can't have both.
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                                                                      seoservicepro Ranger
                                                                      knowhosting said "I think this is only true if you are duplicating content."

                                                                      What do Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy and Duplicate Content Penalties have in common? None of them exist. If any children are reading this, Santa and the Tooth Fairy do exist but duplicate content penalties still don't.

                                                                      A lot of people use the phrase duplicate content penalty, but it is not a penalty. Google simply states they will only index original content one time. If that original content is duplicated on another site, that page won't be indexed because they have already indexed that content one time.

                                                                      That isn't a penalty. They will not kick your website off the search engine for duplicate content unless someone files a charge of violating their copyright against you. Usually that only happens when the copier is blatantly stealing content from others.

                                                                      Let's say you write an article. Then you put it into a page on your website. Then you make a pdf file with the same content and link to that in your website as well. If Google indexes both, one will appear as a search engine listing and the other as a supplemental page under it and indented to show it is related to the above listing. Again, that isn't a penaly. It's Google being user-friendly.

                                                                      The intent is that any specific block of original text only be found once in the search engines. It isn't a penalty to say using the same content over and over again will not get you indexed over and over again.

                                                                      knowhosting, your statement was correct. I just wanted to clarify the duplicate content thing. You are correct that if someone sets up a blog and all of the content is being pulled in from other sources, you will not get that blog to rank well in any search engine. The reason I don't call it a penalty is because you can't lose something you never had. A blog like that won't get the rankings in the first place and if it is found to be stealing content or violating someone's copyright, it can be banned. In the latter case, it is a penalty because that domain name becomes useless. But it is a "violation of copyright penalty".

                                                                      If there was a duplicate content penalty in general, then all rss feeds would be duplicate content. Press releases would be useless because that content appears on hundreds of websites besides the original publisher's website. You submit a press release to Hundreds of blogs reprint that press release. Those blogs do not get a penalty. The domain names don't get banned from the search engines. The content they reprinted doesn't get indexed as original content because it isn't.

                                                                      Article marketing would also be dead if there was a duplicate content "penalty". When you write an article and submit it to a bunch of article directories, the article directories do not get a penalty for publishing the same article as all the other article directories. That is another example of duplicate content appearing with no penalty to the site doing so.

                                                                      If you have permission to use content in your website that is already indexed on another website, the page you place that content on will likely not get indexed by the search engines. But if you believe that content would be interesting to your users, then you can provide that information on your website without getting any penalty from Google or other search engines. The key is to get permission to use the content. Again, it won't help you from an SEO standpoint, but it may be good for your users.

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                                                                      seoservicepro Ranger
                                                                      bear23 said "i have heard that some websites get kicked off of the Search Rankings for blogging"


                                                                      seriously? You are definitely reading about SEO in all the wrong places. You will never get kicked off or lose rankings by blogging. Never.
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                                                                      seoservicepro Ranger
                                                                      Let me answer the question; website or blog?


                                                                      Every website can benefit from a blog.

                                                                      Wordpress Software allows you to build a website on their platform, so you have static pages plus a blog.

                                                                      It isn't one or the other. It's both.
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                                                                        I believe that your website should be your blog and vice versa. Both can create traffic, which will generate revenues for your site when you can tie them together. Blogs are for fresh news-- unstructured content, while sites are for things that don't change day to day. Put them together.

                                                                        Thus, I'd appreciate if you find this helpful to mark my post as such. If you have a site in particular for me to review, happy to do so.

                                                                        With gratitude,
                                                                        Dennis Yu