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    What about those who abuse this forum?

    amspcs Ranger
      Has anyone ever clicked the "report as inappropriate" button when they read a post that they have a problem with?

      If so, what is the procedure? Who receives and responds to these 'inappropriate' messages? And what, if anything, are the consequences to anyone who repeatedly gets reported as an offendor?

      I ask because I have noted a couple of 'contributors' who obviously and clearly use this forum strictly as a means for self-promotion and business trolling. Now I don't have a problem with seeking new business, that's what makes the world go around. But I feel the idea of this forum is to provide answers to specific questions thereby providing useful information to ALL users, not just a freebie self-serving ad for the post author. In other words, if you want to solicit your product or services, fine, as long as you offer information or share expertise pertinent to the post you are responding to IN ADDITION to your offer to sell something When I spend time on the forum, I'm here for useful business info. If I just want to hear "call me for the best deal anywhere" advertisments, that's what watching TV is for.

      Anybody feel the same way?

      And can anybody (preferably a moderator) answer the questions I posed at the beginninf of this message? I have reported a couple of folks as inappropriate, but they continue to pop up with the same old inappropriate type of posts which is frustrating..

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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I have flagged several posters as inappropriate, such as those promoting religious values (to the extreme) in business; those who promote obviously detrimental MLM's, financial services and those who appear to be nigerian scams.
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            CommunityTeam Adventurer
            Hi amspc,

            Thanks for your question and your help in ensuring the Community is professional and helpful to all members. Fellow community members, like yourself can help promote the Community Guidelines (referenced at the footer of each page) by reporting content as inappropriate whenever it occurs. Below is some additional information for how SBOC manages inappropriate content:

            How does the Small Business Online Community handle inappropriate content?
            Members should report inappropriate content they find on the site. We take your feedback seriously. When we receive a report, our moderators review the situation and take the appropriate action.

            How do I report inappropriate content?
            Anywhere content has been posted by a community member, you will see a button that says Report as inappropriate. Select this link and follow the easy instructions to alert us to the offending content.

            Why was my post taken down?
            If we receive a report of inappropriate content from another member, and we agree with that member's claim, then we may remove the post from the site without notice or explanation.

            Who are the community moderators?
            The community moderators are a team of professionals dedicated to helping everyone enjoy the community and keeping it running smoothly.