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    I need a company name.

    iborisov Newbie
      I need a name for my company. We are selling industrial equpment such as
      compressors for compressed air, geneartors, filters etc. I need a name that is easy to remember and at the same time easy to write to be easy to write the URL adress.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this web site. You need a company name??
          Tell us more. Where are you located?? City and State??
          What do you want the name to say??
          Do you have a Building?? and Trucks??
          Go to Members page and tell us more about you and your company.
          The more input you give us, the better our answers.
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              iborisov Newbie
              Our company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have an office and a warehouse. We have trucks for our work, but we dont sell trucks and they are not in our trade target. Our main products are industrial screw compressors for compressed air, equipment for treating compressed air, such as filters and dryers, industrial generators for electricity, machines for PET bottles, machines for internal and external bottles washing, taping and filling, industrial machines for cleaning and blasting with dry ice, sand and metal particles.
              I would like our company name to be asosiated with power and energy as this is in fact our trade target. In fact this is our advantage - that we sell machines that saves energy and are energy effective.
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                  wisgoo Wayfarer
                  with the information you put in there, for the company that i work here in canada, they can do all that work for you, including the name of your company, website, and like 8 key phrases to put them at the top of, in that way you can increase the market online.
                  if you want more info send me an email i will help you with this company or i can give you more tips for you to find a good name for your company.
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                    DHQ07302 Newbie
                    Ok, so you can have a professional team to create a name. But if you want to play around with ideas here's my suggestion.

                    Nike, the athletic footwear company, got their name from a Greek God, and it means victory. All their ads and brand image reflects back to the meaning of the name. You can do the same thing. Go to the following website below and select the core values that represent your compan. You will find it very useful and may have more than one name to select from. It was interesting to know you are from Bulgaria. I have several friends here in the states from Bulgaria too. Best of luck.




                    I am a Brand Marketing Designer.
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                  Peter63 Wayfarer
                  Since you will be having a website, I would go to Namecheap or Godaddy and register a domain/company name based on a search. If you search for a keyword (say, compressors and/or generartors) in the google keyword tool, it'll throw up some suggestions which you can then plug into the domain search facility on Namecheap or Godaddy. For instance if your search throws up "" , and it is available, then there's your company name.

                  In other words, base you company name on what the market is asking/searching for.
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                      intechspecial Ranger

                      I would suggest and checking in your state as well to find what names are registered.

                      Here is the url of my company:
                      My Company name is Integrity Technology Specialists

                      Not to many people would like to type in a huge name like this in a broswer, so I simplified.

                      *IN*tegrity *TECH*nology _*SPECIA*L_ists.

                      One thing to think about is that whatever name you decide on, it will take some time and strong marketing to make it reconized.

                      Names like Microsoft and Yahoo were at one time trying to decide on a company name as well.


                      Welcome to the community!