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    PPP promissory note had wrong date

    paticinkle Wayfarer

      Hi Everyone, I'm really stressed. I received a call on 5/1/20 from the BofA rep saying he was sending the promissory note. I logged in and signed while he was on the phone. He said to rename it "signed". I uploaded and he said he received. Later, when I was reading everything I signed, I noticed he had dated the promissory note 5/12/20 instead of 5/1/2020. I tried contacting him for a few days but could not reach him. Yesterday I finally spoke to him. He fixed the date and said I should have the funds today. But still no funds. I'm worried because now it's 5/6/2020 and I'm believe they only have 10 days to fund or they get forfeited, right? Also, I never got an email saying my loan was approved. But he did give me a loan number. Not sure if it's an SBA  number or BofA number. Also my loan amount is different than what I applied for, which is fine with me, but could this be what is causing the problem? What should I do? I'm stressed.