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    Credit for s-corps?

    NTF_Solutions Newbie

      This seems like a great place to put this question.

      I have run as a sole proprietor. Now I have formed an s-corp. My business is technology and will include software sales, services, development, and so on. My personal credit is not good. I would really like to be able to get a CC for travel and other expenses, but from a personal level I put myself on a credit management plan (credit counseling) where they have greatly reduced my interest rates and I'm making a dent in my personal debt. I really just want to be debt free!


      First, since I'm the owner in the s-corp, is that tied to me personally?


      Next, I'll tell you I have not applied for a credit card in years since I truely find them to be evil in nature, but man you need one to rent a car, do this, do that. I don't want to run my business with debt at all! (insert guilt here).

      After reading this, I really have no idea what my question was. So I guess it is a few, should I have a CC? If so, how does that work with an s-corp? Has anyone ever been where I'm at?