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    PPP SECOND REMINDER from click<dot>emcom<dot>bankofamerica<dot>com

    a_salinas Adventurer

      I still have not gained access to sign the attestation form and promissory note through the original "You're one step away from receiveing PPP funds" email. Today I received this email from customerservice<@>emcom<dot>bankofamerica<dot>com. I removed the links from the email below but they did point to click<dot>emcom<dot>bankofamerica<dot>com and both "Small Business Online Banking" and "Sign your forms" links were different.Tried researching if it was legit but some sites are saying the added emcom is a scam and some are saying it's ok. Anyone else receive or have any info?


      UPDATE 5/5/20: Received same email today and the both links to "Small Business Online Banking" and Sign your forms" are different from each other and different from the links in the email received yesterday ... ???

      Second Reminder – Your action is required on your Paycheck Protection Program loan

      By May 11, 2020, you must complete and sign the attestation form and promissory note as required by the Small Business Administration so we can approve your loan, and disburse your Paycheck Protection Program loan funds.

      Do not delay in completing this final step, including electronically signing the promissory note. Failing to do so promptly could impact your ability to receive funds under the Paycheck Protection Program.

      As soon as possible, you need to:

      1. 1.

      Sign in to [Small Business Online Banking] using the same account credentials you used to submit your application. Please note: sign in using only this link in this email – if you sign in outside of the link in this email, you will not see your documents.

      1. 2.

      Answer the questions about your business.

      1. 3.

      Apply your initials by checking the boxes under Certification and Authorization.

      1. 4.

      Fill out all eSignature fields and Click to Sign.

      1. 5.

      Confirm your signature and select Submit.

      If all your information is correct and accurate, your loan funds will be deposited into the account indicated in your application.

      We will let you know of any additional steps you'll be required to take after the loan has funded, as required by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

      For questions related to the federal Paycheck Protection Program, please contact us at [email removed]. Keep in mind, email isn't a secure method for sending information, so it's important not to include sensitive information like account or social security numbers in any emails you send us.

      Sign Your Forms

      What you need to know:

      Information about your application status will not be available through our financial centers or contact centers due to the nature of this loan process and the steps involved.

      Based on the terms of the promissory note, you are required to apply for loan forgiveness. This application needs to take place 60–90 days from the date your Paycheck Protection Program loan is funded.

      Please make sure you have read the U.S Treasury's Frequently Asked Questions PDF.


      By proceeding with your application, you acknowledge that you, as an authorized representative of the Applicant, have read the Paycheck Protection Program Frequently Asked Questions on U.S Treasury's Frequently Asked Questions including specifically FAQ #31, and (ii) the Applicant remains eligible to receive a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program established by section 1102 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act or the Act) and the rules and SBA guidance (including FAQ #31) relating thereto.


      On April 28, 2020, the SBA decided, in consultation with the Department of the Treasury, that it will review all loans in excess of $2 million, in addition to other loans as appropriate, following the lender's submission of the borrower's loan forgiveness application. Regulatory guidance implementing this procedure will be forthcoming.

      We know how important this federal financial relief program is to small businesses in need, including your business, your employees and those you serve.

      Thank you for being a valued client.


      Please do not reply to this email, as email replies are not monitored.


      Contact Us:

      You're receiving this servicing email as part of your existing relationship with us.

      Bank of America, PO Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33622.
      Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC.
      ©2020 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.

      This email was sent to:
      Floor NC1-028-09-02, 150 N College St., Charlotte, NC 28255


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          markoohay Newbie

          My banker told me that it is a known problem and that it should be resolved tomorrow.  He said he is being told they are going back to Intralinks.

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            a_salinas Adventurer

            Received two calls from BofA reps today following up on why I haven't signed the last of the documents. I explained to the first rep that I could not figure out why I did not have access to the docs and everything that I had tried ... Turns out I tried only 4 of the 5 user names on my account and the note was available on the 5th account ... Ugggggg! ... I digitally signed the documents and within a few hours the funds were deposited into my account.


            The second call came later in the day stating I needed to sign the final docs and I told him it was already done and the funds were already deposited into my account.


            I applied and uploaded the forms to Intralinks on 4/7/2020. Application was not submitted through the first round when the money quickly ran out. 4/28/2020 the application was submitted through the second round. 5/1/2020 I was assigned a loan number and received the email with the links to the attestation form and promissory note. Then a week long struggle to track down the final docs.


            It appears BofA reps are going down their lists calling customers to follow up on the final docs to submit. I did not call them. They also told me which account was linked to final docs.


            I still could not get a definite answer whether the the Second Reminder email posted above was a scam or not.