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    How to access your attestation form and promissory note!

    muoin35 Newbie

      I received an email today telling me that I needed to fill out my attestation form and promissory note by signing into my small business online banking account. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me, but after hours of trial and error I eventually figured it out! Hope this helps everyone who has come across this same problem as me.


      Open the email. Scroll to the very bottom where it says "Sign your forms." Click on it. It should open a new tab to the Bank of America website where you need to log in. Sign into your Bank of America online account. After you've signed in, DO NOT EXIT OUT OF THE BANK OF AMERICA TAB. Keep it open! Go back to your email.

      • Sign in to Small Business Online Banking using the same account credentials you used to submit your application.


      Once you're back in your email, click on "Sign your forms" again. It will open another new tab to Bank of America again. This new tab is where your attestation form and promissory note should pop open! Hope this helps!!


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