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    Confusion on 2 conflicting B of A letters

    dpaull Wayfarer

      ON 4/30 at 11.31 am I received am B of A email that they needed a 2020 941 form and I should upload it.


      Before I could respond, on 5/2 at 8:04 am I received  a B of A Update on the Status email that stated they received the documents I submitted and it appears we have everything to review your full application package   and if they need further information they will  contact me.


      Should I send the 2020 941 or ignore the request as it came 2 days before the letter that states it appears we have everything we need.


      I having been trying for weeks to submit the package and don't want to jeopardize the application by sending the 941 and confusing the matter.


      Please help me decide.