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    Construction company needs help finding work

    ssadooghi Newbie
      It is so hard to find people in search of quality work. I know referrals are a big part of this business, but when you have little work it is hard to get word-of-mouth. I am not sure what the next best thing is to generate business. Any suggestions?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Construction company needs help finding work.
          First, welcome to this web site
          Tell us more about yourself and your business??
          Do you have a Business Name?? and a Federal I D Number??.
          How long have you been in business?? and how many employee??
          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and helps businesspeople succeed.
          Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
          All of the above is part of the full package needed to generate business.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              ssadooghi Newbie
              I know about score,
              The business name is
              Oteri General Construction LLC, licensed and insured
              We are based in the Boston area.
              We have been in business for a year now, and really it mostly problem finding work.
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                  REIPDescartes Newbie
                  What is it that you do exactly? What type of person are you looking for and for what role?
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                      ssadooghi Newbie
                      We are a construction company we do all sorts of renovations and remodels. I am just looking for any helpful suggestions, and ideas that help a business like this find more clients. The industry is slow and competitive. We do a lot of estimates, but there is always some hack that can go lower on the price so people who don't want to spend lots of money go with the lowest price not necessarily quality. I am just curious what marketing ideas (unique to this industry) other people may have to drum up some business.
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                          RongDesign Adventurer
                          A niche my brothers company always does before a remodel is get an artist (him in most cases) to draw and color pencil a frameable drawing of what the room will eventually look like. It seems corny but every drawing that was hung on a wall has brought at least one additional customer to his company.

                          Other then that all I can suggest is a website to add to all your business cards. A website is always a great marketing tool.

                          Thank You,
                          Dave Moore @
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                            REIPDescartes Newbie
                            hey, man. as someone who works in a related industry (real estate investment sales), i can relate to the competition - the a-list as well as bargain competition.

                            For me it's just a matter of believing there is a market that needs me -- it's almost spiritual. it's also backed by a ton on research, years of experience of my mentors, and constant and consistent networking.

                            networking is key for understanding your market -- to find your market -- find those people who you would theoretically appeal to.

                            Articulate your value, and constantly rep your value in everything you do.

                            Highlight what you have to offer and point out that cut corners come with a lower estimate.

                            talk to everybody in construction and real estate -- everybody. take what work you can -- build a rep & referrals. did you ever think about tapping into the real estate investment sales broker network? gain referrals? maybe get an inside scoop on what projects are coming up? I know for me personally, i would greatly value a relationship with someone in construction -- it might be worth a shot.

                            I thought in your previous post you were asking about finding help, either employees or networking/partnerships.
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                                ssadooghi Newbie
                                I agree I used to do mortgages myself and you do have to find the relatable industries and work together. I thought about approaching realty offices and giving our info to them, so they would be able to reffer to us the homebuyers who need work. Maybe send out a mailer. I am not sure.
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                                    REIPDescartes Newbie

                                    RELATIONSHIPS. Start out with something broad like mailers, but really focus on key people. people who respond to you -- seem interested and possibly have a mutally benit to a relationship with you.

                                    call them regularly to say hi, congradulate them on a deal they closed and warm up to them. talk to them about your insights on construction and the relation btwn construction and real estate. Maybe even mass distribute a newsletter. that would be a great benifit to investment sales borker -- what are construction costs? how have changed? what is the variable that increases/decreases current price? If i had a fellow new yorker like that i would call him/her when I have to puttogether a development or rehab (in your case) prospectus and ask about $$. then refer the heck out of you.

                                    there is a format of cold calls to face-to-face meetings = relationship.

                                    go to functions -- breakfasts, etc.

                                    that's just what i do.
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                          cajawahar Wayfarer
                          in the globalisation world it is very easy to find a work
                          in developing countries

                          please to the government websites you will find tenders