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    Sign Documents! My solution

    rustd408 Wayfarer

      If you are having trouble with sign my documents..this is what I learned and what worked for me

      1. Select "Sign documents" from the email, do NOT sign into your business account from

      2. Sign in using personal/business ID/Password

      3 .Ignore the instructions on the email that says sign into the same access (or words to that effect) you used for "I'm ready"

      In other words, to access the pop up "I'm ready" I had to use my business ONLY ID/Password, but for the "sign documents" I received an error message when I tried to use this ID/Password something like :"Sorry, do not have access... if you have another ID/Password try that..or words to that effect. (I don't remember exact wording as I was so frustrated at the time I couldn't see straight!)