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    What?!  I just got the "We haven't received all your documents" mail after signing PN yesterday!

    pbjman Wayfarer

      I've been following many threads and having similar frustrations as many of you. Yesterday I finally got the 'loan number assigned' email and then in the evening I got the email 'You're one step away from receiving PPP funds'.  So I tried to log in, from the link in the email, with my business online banking profile and it logged me in but instead of the final docs it put a message in front of my account screen that said I didn't have permission for that page! I logged out and clicked the link again and logged in again, with the same result. I then logged into my business account directly (without using the link in the email) and just got onto the regular page with no docs, so I logged out again. Feeling frustrated, I used the email link again but logged into my regular/personal online banking with all my accounts, and there was the page to complete the final documents!  I clicked through all the pages and got the final screen saying it was complete and I should get the funds in 1-2 business days. (Should have took a pic of the screen, can't remember exactly everything it said). I was feeling optimistic and relieved, but then last night and again today I got the stupid email "We haven't received all of your loan application documents". This is so stressful!   What the heck, BofA? Hopefully this is a spam-glitch like the other dozen times I got this email over the last 2 weeks. 

      Anyone else getting the mail after signing final docs?  Will I still be getting the missing docs mail even if/when I've already received my funding? LOL