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    Credit report scores.

    jslatt27 Wayfarer

      I have 2 questions here:

      I have a few business credit cards that have balances and are current, I have probably been using them for a year or more. Why are they not showing up on any of my credit reports? Personal or business.

      Out of the 3 credit reporting agencies, how can you have an EXCELLENT credit score with 2 and a FAIR credit score with the 3rd?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Credit scoring is one of the major mysteries of the universe, ranking right up there with utility rates, airline fares and creation itself.

          That being said, each of the three scoring companies has a bit of a different algorithim and the information posted on one may not be on the other two. FICO, Fair Issac reworked their algorithim this year to better reflect how bills are paid and how quickly balances are paid off. Look for your score to jump after your balance is paid if you paid it off before the last due date. (several months prior...)

          If your history is not showing up on the business side you may not have a DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) number. Business credit will not show up on a personal report. However...if you default that could be another story.

          You can go online and get your three agency report. Look it over really well and make sure all of the information is correct between all agencies. If not, then go to each agencys' website, create an account and start the online dispute process. It really is effective. Allow one day to get this done. I spent 8 hours one Saturday in December 2007 and everything was cleared up by Feb 1 2008. Be sure to download your disputes and all information and then compare it with the results you receive.

          I am confused as to how you got a FAIR rating with 2 agencies and an EXCELLENT with one though. GOOD is somewhere in between and it seems as though 2 agencies may have a lot of wrong information. Usually a credit report with one excellent will show 2 as good...not fair. The discrepancy is really too large seems to be like more than 150 points. Take advice in above paragraph.

          You will also want to be on the lookout for bad accounts that have posted to your credit report in error. I have been receiving calls from a collection agency looking for a person with my name, wrong middle initial and I have had to threaten to sue for harrassment. These people don't give up as in their minds they are right and anyone with that name deserves punishment. Then look for accounts from stores that have been purchased by others such as Foleys being bought by Macys. Macys reported my closed old Foleys accounts as open and active...what a mess that was.

          You have some investigating to do. Good Luck. DD
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              jslatt27 Wayfarer
              Thanks for your reply. The credit scores are EXCELLENT in 2 of the 3, only 1 is reporting FAIR (EQUIFAX). I have done as you suggested and reviewed each account with all 3 and there is no derogatory information that should drive that score down into the FAIR range. Maybe I need to check with EQUIFAX? I do not have a DUNS number, what is the advantage of this?