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    PPP Final note for 13 dollars.

    inabj2 Newbie

      I am an individual sole proprietor that put in for the PPP application about two weeks ago.  I submitted all my documents including a schedule 1040c, where it shows my net profit for 2019 on line 31.  This is an obvious mistake.   I know how the calculation works, I am well aware of what I should be receiving.   And no I did not show a loss or a net profit of less than 70 dollars.  I also did not take any other ppp or sba loans.



      I called the SBA, and they told me to take it with BOA.  I’ve contacted BOA small business, and I was told not to sign the 13.00 note.  (I didn’t).


      I am losing my hair here.  Who can I talk too? 

      Please help!