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    Issues with signing Promissory Note PPP

    klj.holmes Newbie

      Just received an email about an hour ago telling me to sign my promissory note; when I clicked the link to login and once I enter my credentials this is what comes up:


      We are sorry, you do not have access to this page

      If you feel you received this message in error and have another username and password, please try again.


      This happened to me once before when I was submitting and finalizing my paperwork. I finally got a message a few days later asking if I was still interested in applying. It all can be a bit discouraging especially when I already had thoughts that something was going to go wrong (again) when I hit the link. Weird. Whatever it is, I hope it's resolved soon because it is really difficult to reach out to anyone as there has not been any one on one guidance through this process from BofA. If anyone has had a weird occurrence similar to this, please advise. Thanks.

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          jberman555 Wayfarer

          SOLVED:  I just spent some time chatting with BOA.  In order for you to access these documents, you'll need you use the login credentials you used when you initially set up the PPP application.  These credentials may or may not be different than your banking login.  If your accountant initially set up the PPP application using their login(the login they use to access your account) you will need to use that same login to access & sign the PPP documents.  I hope this helps.

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            sheik Wayfarer

            I conitnue to experience exactly the same problem with getting the promissory note.  I have spent many many hours with BOA support but no luck.  I have tried everything.  Anybody else is still experiencing this glitch?