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    PPP loan amount

    asc119 Newbie

      I know PPP loan amount is calculated based on 2019 payroll. But my business' current payroll cost is higher than what is calculated based on 2019. I used 1st quarter of 2020 to calculate the loan amount request. Anybody requested the loan based on 1st quarter of 2020? Did you get the fund lower than what you requested?

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          For questions related to a Bank of America account and the Paycheck Protection Program, clients can contact us at

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            taranto20 Wayfarer

            I got promisary note in email and the amount was no where near the amount that it should of been. So it gave me option to accept or withdrawl  application after waiting that long took it.  Funds were disbursed the next day.  Today I got a call from a cell number stating to be bank of america and they are escalating my loan for the additional money as they determined it was a error on their part.  It seemed fishy.  As she asked if I verbally approve.   I had the person send a email and a new promisary note was added to my interlinks account about a hour later.   I was called again said the new amount was approved.  I just hope this is legit.  Anyone have this experience.   I just hope it wasnt a scam or something.