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    PPP Batch Numbers??

    gfs Adventurer

      Good Morning,


      I've noticed several people referring to batch numbers.  How do you know what your batch number is?  Also I've seen reference to possibly what would be the first part of what our folder number would be.  Does anyone know if the folder numbers are based upon your location such as FL vs CA?


      Like everyone else just trying to get some sort of idea if we'll be fortunate to get that SBA Loan number assigned.  We received the email that our application was sent to SBA on Tuesday like a lot of you mentioned and some have even posted that they have since received a loan number.


      Still trying to hold out hope - extremely stressful.  It's good to have this format and I am happy to see updates from those that have received a loan number and their funding.


      Good Luck everyone - hopefully someone can provide some insight to

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          gagankohli Adventurer

          in same boat. My Intralinks batch is 0404 51 and but SBA submission email on 28th Apr Tuesday at 1pm. Still awaiting SBA# or any email since 4/28. Stress level at hitting sky and hope we get through this. Heard that lot of lucky folks got approval email with SBA#, but nothing yet for me. Please keep posted if you get any further update.