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    PPP Help

    ruthtraci Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      I received these communications below and have not funded and no guidance on what to do as we submitted everything

      So maybe someone can help

      I know that they said they needed an signature but I was sent a pdf that I had to print and sign and scan.  If they need an eignature the loaded the wrong thing.

      If they did who can I contact because there seems to be nobody


      This is the 1st thing I got


      Your loan application process for the Federal Paycheck Protection Program is moving forward, and is almost complete.


      You are in the final step that must occur before the loan can be fully processed.


      AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, please do the following:

      1. Log into your Intralinks workspace.
      2. Download the PPP Legal Attestation and CARES Act Promissory Note files.
      3. Fill out eSignature fields and Click to Sign.
      4. Upload documents back into Intralinks.


      Then I received this


      Good news - You've been assigned a SBA loan identification number

      We'd like to share this update with you on the status of your application and let you know you've been assigned a loan identification number by the Small Business Administration. This represents one of the last steps in the loan disbursement process. We'll be reaching out to you over the next few days to complete the process.

      Then I received a communication with absolutely no instruction the next day saying


      then I received this email with absolutely no instruction and my loan has not funded.  Does anyone have any idea what I need to do?


      At this time we haven't received the full, complete set of documents we need to process your Paycheck Protection Program loan application