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    PPP Document Question

    ppearl Wayfarer

      I uploaded the required documents on 4/7 and several days later I received a notice "We haven't received all of your loan application documents" (never stating which document was missing) so I uploaded them again and this happened again and again! The documents are there and now I have four sets with different dates. No response of any kind from BOA for 10 days now. I reached out to Intralinks today to simply ask about the documents and was told there was an apparent glitch with BOA sending out multiple notices. She assured me the documents were there and would be reviewed by BOA. This process is so frustrating and I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast!


      Can anyone offer any suggestions and/or knowledge of the process from this point? The only thing I get when I do reach out to BOA is to continue to watch emails and Intralinks for a Promissory Note.

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          ppearl Wayfarer

          Small update - this morning I received an email from BOA my application was Complete. So, I will sit tight and wait for the next correspondence and pray I do not experience some of the problems others are describing regarding the Promissory Note not showing up in Intralinks!