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    PPP asking for wrong docs

    estecks Wayfarer

      I am a sole proprietor and was only required to upload a few documents like 1040 schedule C, profit/loss statement for the PPP loan.  So I finally got an email response in Intralinks and they are now saying I am missing the documents needed for an "Organizations with employees who file Tax Form 940 or 943."  I don't have any of that because I don't file 940. I am listed as needing "Documents for Sole Proprietors or Self Employed, Who do not file tax form 940" I don't know what to do, because I can't provide those because they don't go along what is needed for sole proprietorship.  And there is no one to contact about the SBA PPP loan that I can tell them there is a mistake and they have the wrong info.  Does anyone know who to contact or what else I can do to get the loan going?  Thank you in advance.  Or am I responsible for also supplying the rest of the documents?

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          krystal1018 Newbie

          I had the exact same thing happen to me last 2 days ago. It's extremely frustrating as I've spent hours making sure I have my documents correctly labeled and spent 2 hours on the phone Friday with Bank of America to ensure my accounts weren't incorrectly labeled as a corporation instead of a sole proprietorship. My hope is this is just an automated "glitch" as many are suggesting.

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            jlam1127 Adventurer

            @estecks  Question... what forms did you upload?  If you are a sole proprietor ( I am one too), you only need to upload your PPP Amendment and your draft 1040 and PnL....  I went through this issue, and once I uploaded my draft 1040, I got the "Application Complete" email.  Happy to help if you have further questions.

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              makeitwork Adventurer

              In this thread you have called out 2 categories out there for PPP application:

              1. Organizations with employees who file Tax Form 940 or 943.

              2. Documents for Sole Proprietors or Self Employed, Who do not file tax form 940


              We fall under a 3rd category that has both of the above.  Does BOA has a category for this? How do we see how we are categorized?


              For us they have only approved for #1.