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    Submitted banking info PPP (AKA "I'm ready" link) Whats Next?

    bennnny Wayfarer

      It's been more than a week since I got the email from BOA to Select "I'm ready" and updated my business information. I did what was asked and click submitted. It has been a week and I have not received any email or anything about what the next steps are. For those who received notices/updates after submitting their updated business information, please give some details on how long the wait is.


      Timeline for me:

      4/15 - Received email telling us 'We need additional information to process your Paycheck Protection Program Application

      4/16 - Completed Updating my business information since the Popup didn't have on the first day, but issue was fixed

      4/25 - Have not heard a thing yet to next steps


      Also, I check on Intra links and also saw a new folder:  Small Business - CARES 20200417 0002; however with no documents in there. I originally uploaded my documents to the this folder  Small Business - CARES  20200405 18 and it still has my uploaded documents in there. Do you need to upload into this new folder?