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    Uploaded three (3) documents from required list, is that all that is needed?

    boweobrien Wayfarer

      I'm sole owner and employee of an S-Corp, uploaded the following 3 documents to Intralinks per the Required Document Reference Sheet from BofA:
      1) Draft 1040 Schedule C for 2019

      2) Bank of America Paycheck Protection Program Application Addendum

      3) Paycheck Protection Program Loan Amount Template


      Anyone know if this is really all that is necessary for approval or if I need to upload any other docs?


      4/8 - Applied

      4/13 - Email - Ready to receive documents

      4/14 - Uploaded documents

      4/23 - Email - We have received the documents that you have submitted to us. It appears at this time that we have everything needed to review your full application package.

      4/24 - Email - We haven’t received all of your loan application documents


      My company meets the SBA's requirements, but completely in the dark about status or if I've done everything necessary for my company to get approved for PPP.