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    30 Years w/ BOA and No PPP Covid-19 Support

    erikpcarlson Newbie

      After three weeks, I have only received one message from BOA, requesting 1099s. They were uploaded immediately. Weeks later, nothing. No communication. No help at branches. No help on phones. No online help. Nothing. Everything is collapsing around me and my business and nobody can help. Nothing has been updated on my portal. Please, for my life and the contractors who are one step out from being on the street. I beg of you, please.

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          synthcool Adventurer

          Hi Erik.  it sounds like you are in very desperate circumstances.  Wishing the best for you.


          You can try what I did.  I spoke with a very nice, knowledgeable associate with the "CARES" team.

          • Call bofa at 1-866-543-2808.  It will ask you for your Social Security number or tax ID.  Just press "0" instead
          • It will ask what kind of account you need help with. Press "2".
          • It will ask "Is this for a business loan", say "Yes".
          • The recorded message will say that they cannot help you with CARES act, and to go online.  Just listen through that message.
          • Now you will go into the queue to talk to someone.  You could be on hold for an hour or so.
          • When an associate finally answers, ask to speak with someone with the CARES team.
            • If they say they don't know what that is, say you desperately need just a little bit of help with your Paycheck Protection Loan

          I hate to say it, but you might need to go through the above a couple times before you really get some help.  Be patient and keep trying.


          Note- I just read that you can also try calling 888-287-4637


          Follow up and let us know if you make any progress.

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            james rose Adventurer

            Check out the last few post on the missing documents thread. Most of us have been able to use the links others have supplied to login in to our accounts and select “ I have uploaded my documents” Hope this will help

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              houston1028 Wayfarer

              Hi..I was on a same boat until I got e mail from boa 10minutes ago.

              I applied April 4th.

              Uploaded 8th.

              Confirm 10th.

              Received e mail for I am ready on15th.

              I could not get a link for I am ready until 20th.

              Confirmed finishing upload document 21th.

              I have not receive promissory note until now.

              However, I received e mail which says complete application and ready to apply to sba once it reopen.

              Just wait  for a couple of days more to receive same e mail as I got..I wish ...

              One thing I was wondering is why I have not  received promissory note.i personally think if any business have a lending relationship , they don't ask that note.this is just my thought because I got e mail without filling it not assume on your way..

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                thevideoguy Adventurer

                erikpcarlson- What happened?  Can you give us an update?  I've been watching this thread to find out how you are doing.