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    The Bank Didn't Upload My Promissory Note!

    jeaniec Adventurer

      I received an email that says the bank wants me to sign the two documents (promissory note and other legal document) and upload them back to the Intralinks portal.  However, the two documents aren't on my portal and no one can help me find them!  My banker said he's never heard of this happening.  Which is just my luck!  Has anyone else been asked to sign the documents but they weren't on the Intralinks portal?  What did you do?  I'm afraid that I'll miss the second wave of funding!!!  Help!  I've called everyone I can think of, no one returns my calls or gets back to me.

      Thank you!!!

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          samisname Wayfarer

          I am having the exact same problem.   No one seems to be helping.   When I call the care team they have no idea what to do.  I need helo but I dont know where to go.   If anyone finds out please post the answer.

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              jeaniec Adventurer

              After bugging my banker he finally found out that I'm in the queue and that I will soon have the documents on my Intralink Portal.  I don't know if I believe him, I still don't see anything new and it's been over a week.  I keep getting messages from Bank of America to sign the Promissory Note and the Attestation, but they still aren't on my Intralinks account!  It's so frustrating.  If anyone has success with a similar story, please let me know!

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              josh parekh Newbie

              Got this via email today, long after that I was told that promissory note  needs to be signed:


              Thank you for completing all the steps needed to submit your application for the Paycheck Protection Program. We have submitted your loan application to the Small Business Administration (SBA), which began accepting applications again on April 27, subsequent to the re&#8210funding of the program by Congress.

              We're waiting for additional guidance from the SBA on how long it will take the SBA to process your application and approve your loan. There is a significant backlog of applications from borrowers at thousands of lenders, which developed during the period that the SBA was not able to accept loan applications for approval. When we receive information about the status of your application from the SBA, we will update you promptly. There is no additional action needed by you at this time.
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                pedrogbocci Wayfarer

                Hi, were you able to find a solution?  I'm having the same problem.  Thanks.

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                    samisname Wayfarer

                    No Solution for me yet,   I keep getting different answers when i call the "care unit".     I hear that i am approved then I hear that they haven't received my application.    Bank of America Should be doing a better job at informing us what is going on.   As soon as i hear anything i will post it......but please do the same. 

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                        omnipays Newbie

                        Hi I got the email that is titled "You're one step away from receiving Paycheck Protection Program funds" and advised me to complete my attestation and promissory note.

                        • In there, there are 2 links, one inline in the email content (1st paragraph) and 1 as a button on the bottom.
                        • I clicked both links, took me to [the same] login page, I logged in so many times using my business BofA login, but it would send me to a red error page upon login "You are not authorized to view this page." I was so confused what login to use? My BofA Login, or my Intralinks login?
                        • On one of the sign in attempts I noticed that in the red error box that I am not authorized it actually said at the end "If you have another login please try that". I thought that was the most nonsensical thing I had ever read, even by bofa's ppp communication standards.
                        • So then on next login, I tried my company credit card BofA login (which is a different login). Woila! It worked! I was immediately taken to the Attestation questions and was presented with the Promissory note! I know that I signed in with my banking login to initiate the PPP app with them, not sure why it is active on the company credit card login.


                        On a side note, the approval amount was about 40% of what I applied for using BofA's own templates. I applied for $36k based on the 2.5x gross payrolls formula. I never got notified of anything being wrong or different since I applied on April 9th. Instead the Promissory note was for $14k.


                        But, i also applied with PayPal and they were giving me the same numbers on their promissory note (to the penny), but I did not sign it thinking it was weird and also BofA sent me the email stating that I have an SBA Number so I figured I'd wait (the SBA number was blank in the PayPal one), so I guess that is the new calculation? At this point it's not quite enough but it will help and I have lost all faith in this stuff, will take what I can get.

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                      tony k Wayfarer

                      When you receive the email it should have 2 links to click on. One is here in blue :

                      What you need to do:
                      • Sign in to Small Business Online Banking using the same account credentials you used to submit your application.


                      The other is :


                      Thank you for being a valued client.

                      Sign your forms



                      I had 2 loans (on behalf of another company other than mine) so I did this twice ...... If you click on the "sign your forms" link it should take you to a LOGIN PAGE for you to enter your regular online banking log in info... once in your will be signing the forms.




                      If it doesnt take you to that "special login" ... try and click the first link ( sing in to Small Business Online Banking)  , sign in there and LEAVE THAT WINDOW OPEN....go back to your email and click the "sign your forms" link . Since you are logged in on the other windows tab and as long as you are on the same browser, it will automatically give your the forms to sign.



                      This was how I got it to work. Maybe it will help others. ALSO: there was no Promissory note or anything new on Intralinks at all!



                      I hope this helps.

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                        dsatpute Wayfarer

                        Same Problem, Can we Get that Promissory Note form ? so that we can upload it

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                          mhansen24 Adventurer

                          Try opening link in promissary email using google chrome. I just called into the customer service and the rep told me use google chrome - it worked for me!

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                            nk1314 Newbie

                            I got email telling me to sign promissory note but when says "Error" and sent me into my banking account. nowhere to sign , no form to be found. Please help!

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                              samisname Wayfarer

                              I finally got the promissory note.   They were emailing me telling me to sign into intralinks.......but it was not working,  On Friday night they sent me an email with a link that took me to my online banking.   On that link I signed into my online banking business accounts and the Promissory Note came up( I used a desktop computer).