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    Do I have a double submission for PPP and what can I do about it?

    cjrangel Newbie

      On Day One (April 3) we submitted our PPP application at around 9:30 AM and received at the end of the submission process a splash screen saying "Submission Successful." As days went by with no further communication (e-mail or anything) from BofA, and viewing in this forum that people were talking about uploading docs, etc.,  we tried unsuccessfully to communicate with someone until finally found a BofA chat with a live person.. This person told us that if we had not received an email from BofA our application had not gone through. i.e. we had to resubmit. We did so, using our corporate email address as opposed to my own email address, as we had done in the first submittal and to which I receive all BofA notifications routinely. Shortly afterwards we received an email saying telling us all about Intralinks, uploaded the docs, etc., and someone from the bank called us and walked us through.

      The problem is, a few days later we got another email asking us to do the same thing. Upon inspection, the first email was sent to the email with our first application (April 3 - for which we have not received any further communications) and the second one to the email address from our second application (April 8 or so). Our liaison has not replied to our messages asking her to clarify what to do, so we are concerned that if we process and upload the info for the second BofA PPP submittal  it may result in a duplicate one and trigger some fraud issues.

      Please advise.

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          catherine123 Wayfarer

          I had something very similar happen. I applied the first day - did not get an email confirmation, and was advised by a BOA rep that meant I should resubmit. I did so, using the same email. Then, as it turned out, that meant I had two applications open which are linked in intralinks under different batch numbers. I panicked and called BOA again - I was told this had happened to a lot of people who were confused and not to worry about it. So I've just gone forward by using the first application and I've left everything blank in the second. I received a call from BOA asking if my documents had been uploaded OK, so I also asked him about it, and he also said, not to worry, this was a common mistake. I haven't been approved but am hoping for the best.