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    Intralinks intro email not received

    thariqkara Newbie

      Hello - we have submitted an application for the PPP loan in early April. I know BofA received it because I got a call about it from them on April 10th.

      However, I never received an intralinks welcome email or UserID/account creation email.

      I am now getting prompted once I log into my BofA checking account to submit documents to Intralinks, but have no access to the intralinks site.

      I have tried all potential account emails/passwords on Intralinks and so have my partners.

      We've called BofA Small business lines and they just say they to email a general inbox, but we have not heard anything back.

      We've also sent in a email to Intralinks technican support desk, but no response either.

      My concern is that somehow either we entered the wrong email on our application by mistake or BofA is sending the  Intralinks account creation email to the wrong email address. Either way, there is no recourse to address this.

      Kind of lost here - we obviously did not receive any funding in the first round of the stimulus package, but looks like there is another round coming through and we'd like to be prepared for it.

      Appreciate any feedback for someone who has gone through the same thing. Thanks!

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          1521qtklnhqh Newbie

          I have same problem never get email with password from BoA. I did receive email from BoA  recieved my PPP Application.  I was able to talk  Intralinks support . He say my Email not in their data base  He was unable located it. He say Email have to come from BoA to their Data base system to allow me login. My Email  not in their data base system I can't login or reset.  not thing he can do. He said all Email have to from BoA to their Data Base system to allow all BoA customer to login and able to upload the documents. It took me an hour to anble to talk to BoA customer service but no one have the answer. They looked on to account  my profile they are all correct and my Email is correct. They don't why I did receive email they have my application but not email  with password. They tell me to wait. That's all.