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    Fast Growing RainWater Harvesting Business

    lbtallman Newbie
      We are a fairly new Rainwater Harvesting business in drought stricken Atlanta, GA. Our business is expanding at a very rapid rate and we are looking for investors who share our passion for helping the community and the environment. We started this business as an extension of our existing construction business and as such we are viewed as a new business and find it very difficult to get funding. We need a cash infusion for inventory and expansion. Any suggestions?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          *Very exciting, and Welcome to this web site.*V Fast Growing RainWater Harvesting Business.
          There was a great story on T V yesterday on this subject.
          Tell us more about your existing construction business (like how long it has been
          in business??, How many employees?? Do you have an Accountant??)
          Does the existing business have a good relationship with the Bankers??
          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and they can help.
          SCORE can help you develop a Business and Marketing Plan that bankers or investors
          will want to see.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              lbtallman Newbie
              Hi Luckiest,

              We have had the construction business for 8 years but have stopped taking on new jobs and have focused entirely on the new business. I say it was an extension of the old business in that we felt that our prior experience would lend itself well to the new rainwater harvesting business as it is a similar business model. However, we formed a corporation for the new business and now we need to build our history.

              We use the same accountant for the new business that we used for the prior business.

              The old business has a good history with bankers but has some outstanding business debt that we are still paying off.

              We already have a very good business plan that we have run by a few bankers and all we seem to hear is that we haven't been in business long enough, although they think the plan is good. Our business and personal credit history is good-excellent but everyone seems to focus on the fact that it is a new corporation.

              I went to the Score site and downloaded the SOHO loan app. Does that seem to be right direction?