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    Independent contractor costs

    smanning57 Newbie

      I'm a sole proprietor with 2 employees.  I have one independent contractor for whom I provide a 1099.  When I filed the PPP documents, there was nowhere to  include the amount paid to the independent contractor-- only wages from my 2019 form 940.  Did anyone else find a way to include their 1099s?


      And am I right that although rent and mortgage interest costs can be covered by the loan, they cannot be included in the loan amount calculation?

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          jlam1127 Adventurer

          Hi there... there is no link to submit the 1099s.  I have about 30 ICs and ran into the same issue.  What you need to do is do a 1040 Draft and include your PnL.  You PnL should include your 1099 expenses and that's how they look at it.  I uploaded all the 1099s before, but it was saying I still need to upload documents, so I deleted everything, and just uploaded my PnL from Quickbooks and did a draft 1040 based on what I anticipate in filing.   Good luck.