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    Multiple PPP applications for the same email address

    jlb3 Wayfarer

      We have two businesses and we applied separately for each. We provided the same email address for both applications. That seems to have been problematic since everything in Intralinks is under the same account (2 separate "exchanges"). Has anyone else had these issues? If so, has anyone been able to get things split up or found a way to successfully navigate things?

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          jlb3 Wayfarer

          To clarify, I am not stuck on uploading documents. One of the 3 calls I got asking if I had everything uploaded was able to tell me which business was which when I gave her the 10-digit folder IDs from Intralinks. It's more a matter of when I get an email from the bank it doesn't say which business it's for, so I don't know which business / Intralinks "exchange" needs attention. I have discussed this with others I know who are in the same situation and they have all had difficulty throughout the process and it seems to stem from things for multiple businesses' PPP applications being combined under a single account / email address in Intralinks (i.e. only heard back about one of their applications and / or had their promissory note for one business placed into the other business's Intralinks folder. Just hoping someone else who has encountered these challenges has learned some things that can help others. Thanks!

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            mgf11 Newbie

            I applied for two different businesses and they were combined under the same email, but different case numbers on Intranlinks. As B of A has asked for backup info (and they have, several times for both businesses), it's always been clear which case it was for - I just clicked through the Intralink link in the emails.


            However lately I've been getting emails like "Your application is complete" and I could not tell which business it was for. It wasn't until I got the Promissary Note stage that I could see a business name listed and know which it was for.


            One of my businesses seems to be close to the goal line, just signed the Promissary Note this morning.

            The other one (which needs PPP more), I'm not sure. I've uploaded everything they've asked for via Intralinks. Waiting and watching.