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    What is the #1 search engine?

    designer Tracker
      Hello. I was wondering when people do misc. searches on the Internet, what do most people select to use. Is it Google or Yahoo or Ask Jeeves, etc? Is it true all web sites have a "Google" ranking? How often does a ranking change? My Webmaster tells me sometimes my ranking is a 6, sometimes a 5, sometimes a 4, etc. It seems really confusing. Thank you!
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          SeoGuy Newbie

          Google is by far the #1 search engine with 70% of market share according to stats from Yahoo! is next with 15.7%, MSN 8.4%, Ask 3.7% and AOL with 1.8%.

          PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that Google uses to "rank" element of a linked set of documents, such as website or the entire World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set


          In other words, Google looks at links between pages as votes. The more quality links (votes) into a page, the higher the PageRank. The algorithm considers more than the overall volume of links by analyzing the page that contains the inbound links (casts the vote). Links from pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important."

          The actual algorithm is kept secret by Google.
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              designer Tracker
              "Welcome" to the SBOC, Seaguy. You seem to really know your Google! I think I was able to follow along with what you were saying for the most part. Bottom line though, it's still a mystery what drives the behind the scenes ranking?

              One time, I typed in "beaded necklaces" into Google, and I was amazed at the website which popped up first. It was very simple and did not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it had top ranking.

              I wonder if seniority on the Internet has anything to do with a Google ranking? By this, I mean would someone that's been around for 6 or 7 years have a stronger foothold in the ranking that a brand new site only a few months old?

              I try many things to try to get my ranking high. I do press releases once in a while, I work on my Links page to add new links that point to each other. I try to keep add new material on the buzz page. It's really an interesting formula!
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                  SeoGuy Newbie

                  You are correct, the actual formula for determining rankings is kept secret. Elements that influence rankings include: age of domain, inbound linking, on page elements (page titles, meta tags, on page content), keyword density (how often the targeted keyword appears within the content) as well as the competitiveness of the keyword. "Auto insurance" is much more competitive than "beaded necklace". As a result, a simple site can rank high in a less competitive environment.

                  A good rule of thumb for SEO, content is king. The more useful content you can provide on your site, the more the search engines have to determine relevance. Additionally, if the content is useful to users, they will link to it. The more inbound links, the higher SEO relevance in the eyes of the engines.
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                      designer Tracker
                      Thanks, again! I better plan to add some additional new pages that will be very useful to my site visitors so people can book as a resource. I've always wanted to add a page that lists gem stones and what they mean, promote or symbolize. I had added my necklace size guide last year, but have to keep building even more content.
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                      NetMarketer Wayfarer

                      Bottom line is yes, Google's algorithm is a mystery. And our experience with Google will be better if it stays that way! If people could manipulate page ranking at will, then inferior, irrelevant or just poor quality content would rise to the top.

                      One of the trickier parts of the Google algorithm is relevance. I'd imagine the equation somewhere in Google's servers is a pretty long one!

                      However relevance is so critical, you could say it is one of the reasons Google paid search got so far ahead of Yahoo paid search (before Panama).

                      In the "old days" you could pay your way to the top of the Yahoo paid search rankings. Even if your listing had nothing to do with the search keywords, if you could pay top dollar you showed up. Google said no way to this -- if you want to get to the top of their paid search rankings you have to be the top bidder AND relevant (part of that is determined by clicks)

                      Kind of a roundabout way of saying that Google goes the extra mile to be a little mysterious because that's what makes them maintain objectivity, which is at the core of relevance in search results (paid or natural).
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                      websolutions Tracker
                      Alta Vista is the # 1 search egine, what's google?
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                      NatOnline Tracker
                      No doubt Google is the number 1 search engine, but don't underestimate Yahoo, MSN and ASK.

                      There are search engines ranking fluctuation every day, it all depends on how the webmasters or SEO do on the site.

                      I will say a good SEO is a combinaison of quality contents and quality link building, the first don't go without the other.

                      Forget the PR (Page Ranking) and concentrate on SERPS (search engine result page).
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                        wisgoo Wayfarer

                        As I know
                        the first search engine in the world is Google, because most of the people look
                        for the services they want on it, Google is currently the worlds largest search
                        engine - accounting for over 70% of the billions of online searches done each


                        approach to marketing has helped companies of all types to capture the
                        attention of target specific online audiences searching for their product or
                        service; and regarding the ranking well that could change per day regarding the
                        hits you receive, let’s say if you appear at the top of Google obviously you
                        will receive more hits in your website and in that case you will have more
                        ranking, so that depends.
                        If you need
                        any further info about that aspect I work for that company and can help you a
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                          Biz Online Adventurer
                          Hi Designer,
                          As others mentioned, Google is #1.
                          With my clients, Google accounts for 80% of our pay per click advertising budgets, Yahoo 15%, and MSN (Live) 4%, and Ask at 1%. That also goes for the amount of organic traffic we receive, with very small sprinkles from 2nd / 3rd tier engines.

                          Not all sites have a Google ranking. :( Many reasons for this, even older sites. I find many sites that don't even have basic, best practice optimization. Also, new websites face a challenge of getting found and ranked, often referred to as the Google Sandbox effect.

                          Rankings on G, Y, and M change all the time, but major updates usually shake things up a bit. WebmasterWorld, the largest online forum for everything web / internet related, used to name major Google updates like hurricanes! Esmerelda, Florida, Bourbon, Jagger, just to name a few... These major updates are also referred to as the Google Dance.

                          Don't get confused about the changes in rankings, just be consistent in your application of on-page SEO factors, and continually build links within you vertical. One-way inbound links with good anchor text (keywords that you see on a page that link to a website) are the most coveted links. When I say within the same vertical, I mean within your same industry. If your site is about cars, and you get links from a sewing site, there is very little link juice that passes.

                          Does that help?
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                            The top search engine varies by country. Worldwide, yes-- Google dominates. There are also different types of searches-- photo, blog, image, vertical, people search, etc...
                            And there are leaders in each of those areas, not necessarily Google.