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    Hi! I'm new. I have a payroll question. (details below)

    nomascarallc Newbie

      Hello all.


      My name is Ashley owner of No Mascara Lashes.


      Question 1: What payroll software would you suggest using for a company with only one employee? (That 1 employee being yourself).


      I'm being a little reactive right now. My business is being impacted by the current pandemic. Its hard for me to get funding when I don't have payroll or the proper documents for my business. Prior to the crisis I had had just organized a business checking account with BOA.


      In short moving forward I don't want this to ever happen again. I want to always be eligible for funding and other resources whenever my business may need them. Thats aside from this one pandemic.


      Leave any feedback, thoughts, or even kind words below on how I can stay in front of being eligible for business resources in the future.