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    "I'm Ready" button -- day two

    gtvk2011 Newbie

      I would be interested in the progress, as appears we cannot get a live person to assist.  I have a small business, applied on first day for PPP.  Filled out appropriate forms on intralinks.  Received the same email as MANY OTHERS April 15th requiring us to log into our business account to find an "I'm Ready" button to the fill out more forms or information?  I have never gotten the button to appear.  I did separate my personal and business line account IDs and passwords.  No effect.  Can log in, no problem.  NEVER have seen an "I'm Ready" button.  As the program is first come, first served, this delay imperils my business.  Sense of confusion remains.

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          pss Newbie

          You may have a pop up blocker that is preventing the box from appearing.  Try holding down the control button as soon as you log into your account or you can try disabling your pop up blocker in your browser. It worked for me using chrome and just holding down control.  I hope this works for you.

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            nconoley Adventurer

            YES! I worked on it periodically all day yesterday with no success. I finally found out how to get the "im ready" button to pop up! Go to the forum post from yesterday, Page 11 Kennedyrealty has the correct steps to get it solved.


            Basically, you need to make sure you are logged in to your business account ONLY. It should not show any personal accounts or credit cards when logging in. It should be a separate user id and password. I personally have always just had all my bofa accounts show when i login in with my regular user id and password.


            So, there is a link to setup a new online user id and password for business accounts. ( i found it on page 11 kennedyrealty post from yesterday).


            I used my DEBIT/ATM card instead of my bank account number, and used my SS# and was given a prompt to create a new user id and password for this account! Once i set up a new login and password for that debit card only, i was able to use that to login to ONLY my business account and BOOM The I'm ready prompt popped up IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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              nconoley Adventurer

              COPIED FROM KENNEDYREALTY SOLUTION YESTERDAY....Heres the steps that worked for me!


              I was able to finally get it to work.


              It was definitely an issue for me having both my business account and my personal account linked to my online id.  When I log into Small business I see all my accounts both business and personal and I would never get the prompt.


              So here is what I did:


              • Go to this address so that I could create an online id for just my business account (I only have one business account - checking)
              • I am a sole proprieter so I entered the last six digits from my business debit card (not last six digits of my actual checking account)
              • I then entered my SSN (again I am a sole prop and do not have a TIN or EIN)
              • I went through the rest of the normal online account setup
              • I then had to go and fix my primary email address and verify. I just did this via contact info, but there was also a prompt telling me I needed to fix.  Your mileage may vary here.
              • So I now have a login that only has my business checking account.
              • I then logged out of my account.
              • I then went to the link from this morning Small Business Online Banking
              • After I successfully logged in with my business only Online ID I got the prompt with I'm Ready.
              • Went through the questionare and updated business information.
              • Success! Woohoo! Good Luck
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                  hellolucydesign Wayfarer

                  did you happen to get a confirmation email once you submitted your details?


                  I can get through all the steps but when I hit submit I just get the following error:


                  "Unable to complete review online. To finish this review, you're required to visit a financial center. Remember to bring the information you'll need for all business owners."


                  Hoping that my confirmed details are still reaching them somehow.

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                      parkinla Newbie


                      Yes, i got the same message and made an appointment with a banker at my local branch and he had no idea what this message meant.  I go through the "I'm Ready" questionnaire but reached the same message at the end.  Don't know what that means, did our info go through?

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                          lafleming12 Wayfarer

                          I also received the “Unable to complete review online.... You’re required to visit a financial center....” after completing the pop-up questionnaire.  After 2 days of trying to get through to a person, I finally talked to a BOA Small Business assoicate on Friday and she wasn’t aware of the “I’m ready” pop-up questionnaire and had no idea why I would need to visit a financial center. She said she didn’t even have access to my business checking account to look at it to see if there was a flagged issue of any sort. I don’t understand how that could be true when I called the SB support line. So frustrating.


                          Not sure if it is related to this “I’m ready” paperwork issue or not, but I also received a call from a different BOA associate on Friday morning  (voicemail) saying to call him back right away. I have been trying to call this person for 2 days and their VM box is always full. Note that this is in addition to the call I received from BOA over a week ago just making sure that I uploaded all of my docs to interlinks.


                          To cover my bases, I did make an an appointment to meet with a banker on a financial center that is quite far away for me but was the only option available (no phone appts available!) Hopefully, it will be someone who is in-the-know and it won’t be a waste of time. I will post again if I get more information or insight into this issue to help others who go the above notice.


                          FYI...all of my required PPP docs are named correctly and uploaded to intro links since 4/8. Still no promissory note. Related to the above issue?   WHO KNOWS?!!?! 

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                              lafleming12 Wayfarer


                              Instead of going in to my scheduled meeting, I directly emailed the associate I was meeting with to change it to a phone meeting. He called me at the scheduled time.


                              We discussed the  "Unable to complete review online.... You’re required to visit a financial center...." message at the end of the "I'm Ready" questionnaire. He was helpful and knowledgeable about the PPP process.



                              He indicated this message is a mistake/glitch. Many customers received that message and have been flooding in to the few financial centers that are still open, but there is no need to. He double-checked my documents in intralinks and said all docs were there so I shouldn't worry about the message that displayed after completing the questionnaire.  Hope this is helpful to others who received the message. Good luck to all!

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                          lindaklang1 Adventurer

                          This was really helpful but it did not work, so I called online banking and they were able to do in manually, after they asked me a series of questions.

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                          monicaqvu Wayfarer

                          My business and personal accounts are linked online.  When I try to separate them as others have suggested by entering my business TIN and my business checking account, it says there's no such account and I realize my business account is linked to my personal SSN.  On the phone will BofA to see if they can fix on their end but does anyone know how to fix this problem? 

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                              monicaqvu Wayfarer

                              I finally got the "I'm ready" prompt after creating a new business online account.  My business and personal accounts were previously linked. Selecting "Forgot password" to try to separate them did not work for me because it would not accept my EIN number and my business account number because I had never set up a separate business account when I first opened it.  A very helpful BofA representative on the phone showed me to select the "Enroll" button instead and create a brand new account using my company's EIN.  After it was created, I logged out and re-logged in and the prompt "I'm ready" appeared immediately.  Thanks to everyone on this chat that helped me find a solution, I was about to give up.  Cross my fingers there's still time and money for me.  Good luck everyone 

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                              btphotollc18 Newbie

                              Same here. Though, how did you manage to disconnect the personal / business connection? Did you have to call the telecenter? You're not in the boat alone!

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                                  talllisa Wayfarer

                                  turns out I had a small bus login that was created the day I opened my account, but since everything was linked in my personal login, I never used it.


                                  I have since logged into the business only account and still have not gotten the im ready prompt BUT i did update anyhting that needed to be updated and was told by the help center that I didnt need to resubmit the application, which is basically what he "im ready" requires.

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                                  aloha2019 Newbie

                                  I also tried to "enroll" my business account (to separate it from my personal account)>. I tried using both my TIN and SSN and received the message:  "Our records show you're already enrolled. Please use your Online ID and Passcode to sign in."  Any other way to get the I"m ready to appear?  Is this glitch going to block my application from advancing?  Should I begin another app with a different bank just to cover my bases?

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                                      talllisa Wayfarer

                                      I got the same email with the same problem. Finally got to a person today that explained it. I submitted my application by logging into my linked accounts, bus and personal. When I originally opened my biz account I had set up a separate login for just business and NEVER logged in that way. she needed me to login and update a few things and now, as I’m told, I don’t get the pop up because everything is in order.


                                      can someone tell me what the questions were that the “I’m ready” took you to?


                                      i’m somewhat confident I’m ok because nobody on this thread applied with just their small bus accounts online. Sounds like most had them linked like me.


                                      thoughts???? Ty all




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