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    A note about moderation of posts.

    SBC Team Guide

      Hi Community,


      Just a reminder that we are here to provide support to one another and help each other during these difficult and anxious times.  We know there are a lot of questions about the Paycheck Protection Program, and we appreciate how you have come together as a community and truly helped each other through the process.  Unfortunately, community moderators do not have access to any information regarding your individual application, loan documents, or loan funding.


      We seek to maintain a positive atmosphere in this community.  Because of the nature of some posts, and abuse by some users, please understand that ALL posts will go into a moderation queue and are manually reviewed before being released to the community.  Per our community guidelines, negative comments about any bank, company, agency, or process will be rejected (and not appear in the community).  As an alternative, other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter may have more liberal policies and may not reject complaints, etc.


      Again, questions that cannot be answered here, such as speculation regarding funding or information regarding your individual application, may not be approved by moderators to appear in the community.  We appreciate your understanding.


      The SBC Team

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          bsweat Tracker

          I hope the tone of most of our posts has been positive!  It's a very tedious, anxious process with almost no human feedback.  Sharing our experiences with each other gives us hope.  It helps to know that hundreds (thousands?) of other small business owners are going through the same process.


          Thanks for approving so many posts over the past two weeks, I know moderation is a tough job during this intense period.

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              SBC Team Guide

              Thanks for the kind note, bsweat!  This community was not designed for customer support, but members like you have been leading the way in providing valuable help (and hope) to other members.  I'm sure it is very much appreciated by others this community.


              We understand that there is much anxiousness and and frustration.  Lots of late night hours for all of us.  But, unfortunately, this community is separate from other bank systems, so we simply cannot provide updates to loan statuses, etc..  However, we're doing what we can- providing a way for members to help other members.


              Big thanks for your contributions!


              SBC Team