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      • 30. Re: update banking info PPP help
        bsweat Tracker

        Same experience as everyone else, but I noticed when I clicked the link and login, it redirects me back to the login window where I have to log in again before seeing my accounts.


        I suspect they sent out this email to ALL OF US, all at once and their system just can't keep up with it.  I'll try back periodically.


        p.s., I did verify my contact information, which hadn't been updated since 2018.  I don't think that's related though.

        • 31. Re: update banking info PPP help
          judyr9999 Adventurer

          What type of operating system (window, mac, etc) and browser(chrome, etc) are you using ?

          • 32. Re: update banking info PPP help
            jcantave Adventurer

            In same situation as all of you. Did the recommended steps to no avail. Will keep looking at this post in case someones finds a solution.

            • 33. Re: update banking info PPP help
              idoweddinginc Wayfarer

              Its working now!

              • 34. Re: update banking info PPP help
                notbobc Newbie

                I am having the same problem. Received an email from B of A to do the following


                "What you need to do

                • Log into our Small Business Online Banking using your business login from only your desktop or laptop. You can't enter this information through Mobile Banking.

                • After logging in you'll be prompted to update your business information.

                • Select "I'm ready".

                • Update your information, review, confirm and submit."


                But there is NO prompt to update my information. Currently on hold with B of A customer service, and estimated wait time is 2 hours. 

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                  debrahev Adventurer


                  How do I stop emails?



                  Thank you,

                  Debrah Vanchura


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                  • 36. Re: update banking info PPP help
                    kand Wayfarer

                    May I know which credit service SBA is using for pulling the credit? I mean are they using Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Please advise.

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                    • 37. Re: update banking info PPP help
                      emrobins Wayfarer

                      Windows 10 pc with Chrome browser

                      • 38. Re: update banking info PPP help
                        judyr9999 Adventurer

                        For people who got pop-up can you please let us know which browser (chrome, etc) are your using ? and also what type of operating system (windows, mac?)

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                          bellamydm Adventurer

                          Similar experience for me.  However, I logged out of B of A and logged in again, and the 2nd time I received the "I'm ready" prompt.  It took a while to come up, so be patient.  I then stepped through the questions, however the website would not advance after the 2nd set of questions, even though I had answered them all.  So, I logged out and back in again.  Fortunately most of my prior answers were saved and this time it allowed me to go through all of the questions and finalize.  In summary, my advice is to be patient, but if the website does not respond or hangs up, logout and then go back in.

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                          • 40. Re: update banking info PPP help
                            jbabbitt Adventurer

                            I went into the business profile button - upper right side.  I confirmed (2 buttons) the accounts information - address - etc. and then below that it has my email and phone number and a button to confirm those.  I've been emailing my business banker and so far it seems like he also thinks this is what was needed. I'll let you know if I hear differently.

                            • 41. Re: update banking info PPP help
                              kimspies1 Adventurer

                              I have just gotten off phone with BofA small business and the manager confirmed that it email was sent out to many.  They stated if you need to update information then you will be prompted to.  However many have done already done this via the application process checklists that we submitted on interlinks previously.  They stated to make sure all email, phone, address is updated and they will continue the processing of applications.  I will continue to log in and check but they went through all my info directly and it seems to be in order.  I did not get a prompt when logging in I only received the email this morning. Hope this helps.  I was only on hold for 30 minutes before talking with an agent and she spent a lot of time with me and her manager trying to navigate this.

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                                ryanryals Adventurer

                                I finally got the pop-up, and managed to finish the info request. This is probably a coincidence, but it did pop up after I disabled the ad blocker, and went into Firefox preferences to add as an exception to pop-ups. I'm on a Mac running Catalina.


                                The pop-up window wasn't a separate browser window, and it was delayed. I logged in and was disappointed, but after about 8 seconds it appeared. I got stuck on page 2 and it wouldn't let me continue. I finally refreshed the page (fingers crossed), and it worked. I got through about 6 pages and was able to successfully submit it.

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