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    PPP Tip: Does BofA have your email address on file?

    kwang Wayfarer

      Applied for PPP on 4/4 and haven't heard anything, nothing whatsoever. After much stress and trying everything we could think of went to a BofA branch. They have no visibility into they PPP system but asked them to check the email address associated with the account as there might have been some confusion there.


      They said there was no email address associated with our small business account.     (!!!!?????!!!!!!)


      We have an online login and there are two emails listed in it's contacts and we have been getting email from them for years.


      The person in the bank added the email address and that evening we got the "Your PPP application has been received" email. 


      Extremely frustrating and not understandable at all but maybe there are others in the same boat so posting here.