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    PPP loans. What is going on

    wheelman666 Wayfarer

      Well I realize this is not the general area to ask questions and get answers maybe somebody can shed some light on this

      I submitted my application Saturday afternoon once Bank of America change that criteria and dropped the ridiculous requirement of having a lending account as well as a bank account. Now here it is Friday morning I still have not received anything from Bank of America other than the initial email saying that they received my application.

      I see other postings where people have gotten the second email to intralinks to upload their documents within two or three days I'm going on 5 and I haven't received anything. I cannot find any way the contact Bank of America to inquire what the heck is going on there is no phone number or any email I'm going to run out of money by next Wednesday I have to shut down close my doors. does anybody have an idea of what is going on why it's taking so long or any way of contacting Bank of America can get some information? all I keep hearing is how great Bank of America is doing and yet I'm one of the smaller businesses with just two employees I'm about to go under. but I can't even go anywhere else because everybody keeps telling me once you submit it to one place you're not allowed to go anywhere else. Anybody have a suggestion?