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    How can I offer my merchandize in big Dept. Store?

    nelcoy Newbie

      I just open my new business in Import and Export recently and my merchandize are imported Ladies hand bags from the Philippines made in fiber mixed with leather and other accessories and shipted to United States in about 20 days from now on. I would like to offer this merchandize to a big Department Store like Sears, Macy's, Robinsons May, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target etc. if any one can help me "How can I offer my merchandize like ladies hand bags to a big Department Store" I really appreciated.


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          startup Newbie

          Hello Shop Talk,

          I'm not sure about how you would go about getting in department stores, but I have any online shoe and handbag company and I would be interested in learning more about your product to sell on my site.

          Please e-mail me at

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            There is a LOT involved in supplying a major retailer -- extensive market research, the import and distribution capacity to supply thousands of stores, a record of delivering on schedule with 100 accuracy 100 percent of the time, the resources to comply with each store's labeling, tagging, and security requirements, and an agreement to adhere to their standards and values which may include allowing them to inspect your facilities and your manufacturer's facilities at random a minimum of three times a year. If you have a solid track record, good market data, and a unique or compelling product however, then you make a formal pitch to the chain's merchandisers or buyers (usually in person at their corporate headquarters). If you business is fairly new, it may be a little soon to try to approach a major -- but you can certainly start building toward that goal. Best of luck!
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              metagistics Wayfarer
              You might want to take a look at using the services of a 3PL to assist with some of the more technical pieces. My company is well positioned to assist you with this if you are interested. Take a look at our website
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                *Welcome to this web site. *How can I offer my merchandize in big Dept. Store
                You need to have a Business and Marketing Plan.
                Where are you located?? Do you know about SCORE??
                *Good luck, LUCKIEST*<br /
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                  laocial Adventurer
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                    msraji Newbie

                    Hi Nelcoy,

                    I'd be interested in learning more about your current marketing strategy in relation to distributing the handbags in the US. Lighthouse 24 has given the most accurate response in dealing with larger retailers. You must have a track record that the bags are actually profitable and create a high demand. My company is a public relations and strategic marketing firm that's been very successful in creating "buzz" for products whose end goal is to get into more retail locations. We secure magazine, newspaper and television placements for products to help increase customer awareness, which ultimately translate into sales.

                    Usually when you do enter a retail location, the retailer will want to know what marketing you have to support the sales of the products. They expect you to do your part in ensuring the handbags move. Your best bet is to open a few retail doors at smaller boutiques before attempting to contact larger stores. Don't be afraid to do consignment, as with the current economic condition, most retailers are unwilling to bring something untested. If your handbags are very well received, the bigger retailers (especially Nordstrom's) will find you. I hope this helps.




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                      val_cards Scout
                      coming from a manufacturing family my recollection is as follows... you'll need to establish a D&B rating, also locate sales reps that are independents that already have a relationship established with the particular accounts you're interested in securing that compliment your product lines. It would be wise to locate a factor so that when orders are received you will be able to fulfill otherwise the merchants have the right to cancel and you'll be stuck with the goods. Also, you'll need to implement a markdown program as well as coop advertising to get your product flying off the shelves. that's all I remember. hope this helps. Many department stores will give orders to minority business owners...check into that too. Hope this info has been helpful to you.

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                        jmgroup Wayfarer

                        Nelnoy,I wonder whether you are doing biz in clothing arel.
                        I am a manufacturer of clothing in China.If you need some merchandize with competitive prices,pls let me know.

                        Thank you.

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                          vnavguys Tracker
                          I have some advice from you, but it tends to go a bit different than what you get on here. Why on earth would you want to get your products into a bigger department store? First of all, if you are new to the business, this takes some time and experience. For example the buyers that work for these large chains have a manufacture list and can go direct to your source if they want to. They really do not need a middle man, and I say who cares. What you should really do is develop your own brand with these products and open a website that is niche oriented. Niche is where the future is, niche is authority and Google and other search engines love authority. My brother has an account with Walmart that took him 9 years to get into. They (walmart) has beat his pricing and packaging down almost to the point of pitiful margins. He does much better working with his distributors and through his website. Most people think that the major department store is really the sign of victory, but it is slowly changing. Think about it, would you rather talk to some kid at walmart about a little bit of everything or to a expert in one particular product line. If you specialize, like in niche markets, you are the experts and people will automatically recognize that as fact. I hope this stretches your perception a bit.
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                            bentenn Adventurer
                            First, if you would like to meet with a paid professional at no cost to you here in Los Angeles, visit and then select one of the 7 local centers appropriate to you. The SBA created and funds the Small Business Development Centers across the county to help business owners start, build and grow their business - with a range of no cost services. Yup, your government at work for you.

                            Second, if you are new to importing and then distributing, I agree with a previous reply. Get started first with distribution through retailers and etailers who sell similar products to yours. If they are already successful selling similar products to the same customers you want to reach, use their existing marketing and merchandise success to bring customers to their stores and sites and take advantage of it. You can find them via web searchs and at trade shows for your type of products locally and nationally. Read as much as you can about your new industry, become expert at trends, issues and opportunities and listen to those who have already succeeded. You might even want to partner up with others who are importing and selling similar products by using the same sales reps, distributors and selling through the same retailers and etailers.

                            Yes, selling through the big department stores and chains can be a path to high volume but they have many restrictions and issues. Unless you are prepared to following rules from UPC codes to packaging to shipping to advertising requirements, shy away for now until you see real growth and demand. Otherwise you might ship them products only to have them return them to you later if they don't sell - all without paying for the merchandise from hundreds of stores.

                            Contact me if I can help. Ben