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    PleaseHelp!  -  I Need Help with My WebSite!

    TLRInsnAcc Wayfarer
      I am nor getting the traffic that I would like any ideas? I've had the site up for about a week and I am new to the web business approach!

      Any pointers?
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          RongDesign Adventurer
          Many things can be changed about it to help out. Currently it is getting a 0 Page Rank, which means Google doesn't like the page. As I look at the code I can see that the "Googlebots" have probably visited your site then decided to skip it.

          Their are a lot of great features to the site though. It needs a graphic make over, and a few more SEO friendly terms used, but I think what your missing is a good search engine rank and good graphics to keep the attention of your visitors.

          If you post a brief description of your website on about 50 differnt relevant forums, you will start increasing traffic. Keep this up every week and you might not even have to change your current website.

          A few tips from me. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

          Thank You,
          Dave Moore @

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            websolutions Tracker
            Hi, you defininetaly need on-page search engine optimization, for starters. Contact me if you wisht to optimize your pages and will provide you with a competative quote.

            Thank you,
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              ModernGorilla Wayfarer
              Back up everybody.. if the site has only been up for a week it's doubtful that any search engine will index it.

              Before you dump money into a long-term SEO approach (there is no magic bullet here) check out Google Adwords and give it a little test. You might have to slowly wean yourself off this as you continue to refine the site for ranking higher in natural search results but it's a good way to get qualified traffic to your site in the meantime.

              Point the AdWords to your Services page (not your homepage!) since it may be a while before you can construct a good "landing page" for this.. a good landing page should summarize your company, give a list of services and a basic, easy contact form. The idea here is that if you've optimized your Ad Campaign then qualified people have already walked through the door; you just want to channel them into picking up the phone or sending you an email. Don't let them get lost on the site (as they may see something which turns them off).

              Hope this helps..
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                designer Tracker
                Hello. Have you sent out any emails to your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, current clients, etc? Go through your email lists and really go over each name with a fine tooth comb. Start to build your base. Announce your new web site in the email and invite them with the link to view it. Ask for questions and comments. Tell them to tell their friends. Get on LINKED IN and start making connections. You have to be patient and persistent and keep working hard on getting business everyday. There is no sure fire way to success. I imagine someone in your industry needs to clearly advertise to people what you can do for them. If you have any happy customers, try to get them to do a testimonial to build up trust and credibility. If having a business was so easy, everybody would be doing it! Good Luck!
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                  robdalal Newbie
                  Your whois says this site is over a year old. There are some obvious issues, but first, I would like to know why the you are saying the site has only been up a week? Please advise.
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                      AppleGraphics Adventurer

                      I honestly do not know personally about this site but all a whois search returns is the owner and purchase date of the domain this does not mean there has been any active pages up since then only that it has been owned since then.
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                          robdalal Newbie
                          Very true. It just seems odd. The answers above are correct. The first thing that should be addressed is the purpose of the site: Is it informational? Is it a selling vehicle? A very best case scenario is that it becomes an organic channel of your marketing efforts. It's appearance will affect your public image - for better or worse. If you had someone create this for you, they may have done exactly what you asked for, but did not have the passion for the project as you may have. If you did this yourself, take a moment to plan the site's function and then look at it and decide if it provides the right answer. Appearance issues are easy to fix... getting the copy right may take longer. SEO is really more of an art than a commodity. Yes, there are plenty of things you can do to get visibility (PPC is one) but before you get alot of visitors, make sure that once they get there you engage them. I don't believe it accomplishes that. For just one week you shouldn't get too worried that your not ranked yet.
                          1) Can it be found?
                          2) Is it compelling?
                          3) Does it convert?
                          Sit tight, clean up your message, your graphics, your call to action, and your strategy - and your website will become an asset.