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    who will like to have their own travel agency home base bsns

    oceanview Newbie
      Hi every one I will like to introduce my self. my name is Ileana , and i am a travel agent from my home. I have been a travel agent for 3 years. I will like to you guys to take a look at my web. . I know that their is alot of companys that promise thing to you and your family. but this company has change my life and familys life for ever. Have you ever heard befor that in order for you to find luck you have to be in the wright place at the wright time? well let me tell you if you are reading this add you are. this busines is not a gimik. check out the my page and see the mimni clip of how your lofe could change. also visit. the and clik on the right box to view the presentation. if you guys have any question please fill free to email me at or call me 321-402-9824. i hope you guys will find in this busines as i did. I travel the world and i have time for my family and friends and i make money at all time. you dont have to go door to door this is not that kind of busines. if you like to take to people and love the internet this is great for you. can you imagin that your famimly or friends whant to make a family reunion or go on vacation on a cruse. and just five people go you will make $ 1,500.00 dollars on those 5 people. imagin 10 or more you will tell me if is fun or not. i am a very unest person i am 25 years old, and i am living life as i should . i will like to every one who reads this add think about how much money you could have just by shering the word and trust me you will like and i hope to hear from you soon if you have any comments please free to email me or call me i will hear to answer all your questioin. take caire and hope to hear from you soon!!!