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    Looking For Sales Reps. Like working with Sports and Kids?

    SchoolEstores Wayfarer
      I have created a Online Store for High School booster clubs and Youth Organizations. This is free for any group with 500+ members in there organization. They get paid anytime someone buys something from the store. Plus we have teamed up with Publix and Mayfield Foods to give away scholarships on the site. The organization that signs up also gets money from our sponcers. Free money for them and they do nothing but send people to the site. The schools here in Atlanta are jumping all over this. They love not having to take money, buy inventory, or have a mom/parent run the store while there kids are playing. Be come a leader in your community and help us raise money for kid all over the US.

      Your job:

      Sign up schools and organizations in your area.

      Market your store at games and other events (Open house, lunch ect.)

      You own your store and will get paid for as long as the store is up and running.

      Go to and read more about the program. Please email me if you are interested in joining our team. I look forward to hearing from you.