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    The Guide to eCommerce Web Development Cost Breakdown in 2020

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      Be it sports equipment, home decors, electronic goods, fashion accessories or apparel - we can order anything from eCommerce sites. Thus, we have made online shopping an intrinsic part of our lives. And the eCommerce industry is roaring with success today.


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      If you are thinking of starting your online business venture but not sure where to start or how much to invest, you have come to the right place!


      This article is going to highlight the complete eCommerce website cost breakdown. If your plan is to build an eCommerce site from scratch, you will find the list of the factors you need to consider before that.

      Things to Consider for eCommerce Web Development Cost Estimation


      To come up with the right budget plan for your eCommerce website creation, first, you need to be sure about your business objectives.


      You want to earn money, fine! But that’s not enough to make a budget. To be clear about your objectives, you can ask yourself the following questions.


      • What type of eCommerce solution do you want?
      • Do you already have a physical store?
      • Planning to sell products or services online only?
      • Want to make the eCommerce solution scalable?
      • Want to create an MVP model first?
      • What are the shipping options you are thinking of adding to your online store?


      Website Hosting and Domain Name

      The next thing you need to sort out is to get a domain name and hosting option for your eCommerce website.
      The performance of your eCommerce site depends a lot on the website hosting you choose for it. Among shared hosting, dedicated server, and VPN/VDS, choose the most feasible hosting option for your online store.
      While choosing the domain name you should keep in mind that it should be consistent with your brand’s name. If your company’s name is XYZ, then choosing a domain name as PQR would make things complicated.

      SSL Certificate

      This will make your eCommerce website reliable and trustworthy. Why is this important?
      Well, your online store will deal with payment transactions. So, keeping your eCommerce website secure for such huge payment transactions is important.
      Domain validation, Business Validation, and Extended validation are different types of SSL certificates that you can choose for your business.

      Payment Gateway

      To create an eCommerce website, you have to get a payment gateway. And the process to get the approval to use the technology is very lengthy, onerous, and unavoidable.

      Have You Thought of your Marketing and Promotion Strategy Yet?

      To make your eCommerce website successful, you have to reach your target audience. And to do so, you need a strong and effective marketing and promotional strategy.
      To apply the strategy successfully, you will need to integrate effective marketing tools. So, plan your marketing strategies before starting with the development process. And include a budget for the necessary marketing tools.

      eCommerce Website Pricing Breakdown by Its Features and Functionalities

      Not every eCommerce website functions in the same way. So, depending on your varying requirements, your budget to build an eCommerce website will vary.
      To meet your specific requirements and to know how much time it would take to build so, you have to consult the experts. Otherwise, here is an overall idea about the integral and basic functionalities and features.

      1. Product Catalog Page

      Having the product catalog page on an eCommerce site is an obvious fact. Make sure to put it up on your online store in a user-friendly way.

      • Include filtering and sorting options
      • Include catalog search
      • According to the product category, break the catalog. It will simplify the searching procedure
      • Allow your visitors to compare products of the similar catalog

      As per the eCommerce web development experts, it should take around 52-54 hours to build a user-friendly catalog page.

      1. Product Page

      Creating dedicated product landing pages is essential for online businesses. Let your visitors check the detailed product images, descriptions, characteristics, along with any other details about the product on this page. 

      To enhance the shopping experience, you can add short product videos as well. Also, to increase your online store’s trustworthiness, allow your users to give product feedback on this page.
      It would take around 50-53 hours to craft such a detailed product page.

      1. Sign-in Page

      Even though creating the sign-in page is crucial, keep in mind that you should allow visitors to make purchases even without registering to your site.
      As per the developers, 24-26 hours is required to devise the sign-in page.

      1. FAQ Page

      Many online business owners ignore putting up this page on their eCommerce sites. But for effective results, you can include it.
      Be smart enough to have a dedicated page for FAQs with answers that usually users have in their minds while purchasing something online. Product delivery, payment process, shipping process, product return policy - the questions can be related to anything like these.
      Within 12 hours, putting up an FAQ page is possible.

      1. Shopping Cart Page

      When you visit a shopping mall to purchase things, just like you put things in a basket, this cart page does the same thing. For instance, if you want to buy a pair of socks, you can click on the adjacent “add to cart” button. And the product will appear on your shopping cart automatically.
      Experts would take around 36-38 hours to craft this page. 

      1. Checkout Page

      According to the report by Baymard Institute, 70% of shopping carts are abandoned from the checkout page. And it is very frustrating! So, how to avert it? Read on.

      • Embrace the 3-click rule while devising the checkout page. The lesser clicks users have to do on this page the better.
      • Keep the entire checkout process transparent, easy, and seamless.
      • Mention every detail of the product to be purchased
      • Link this page to the Private Policy page.

      This page should take around 40-44 hours to be built.

      1. CMS (Content Management System)

      You can’t run an eCommerce website without having a CMS. This is the administrative panel of your online shopping site from where you, being the store owner can control and manage everything.
      eCommerce website development experts would take around 56-59 hours to devise this CMS part.

      1. Contact Us Page

      If your visitors cannot reach you when they need you, they would never make a purchase from your eCommerce site. So, never ignore adding this “contact us” page with all the contact details like office address, email id, skype id, contact number. If possible, provide a location map too.
      Within 8-9 hours, experts can build this page.

      1. About Us

      Why would someone make a purchase from your online store if users do not know you! This is why telling them who you are is important. And this “about us” page is for that purpose only. This information is editable at any time you want. It would take around 12-13 hours to craft this page.

      1. Third-party Tool Integration

      To apply your marketing strategies successfully, you will need to integrate some third-party tools. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. will help you to conduct successful marketing campaigns.
      Experts would take around 12-13 hours to come up with this setup.

      Cost for eCommerce Web Design

      No matter how feature-rich your online store is and how better functionalities it offers, unless it looks impressive and doesn’t provide users with a satisfactory shopping experience, it won’t get the deserved success.

      This is why it is mandatory to pay attention to web design psychology.

      • Try avoiding sloppy and outdated designs.
      • Do not opt for a design just because it looks great. Make sure the design complements your brand perfectly.
      • Keep yourself updated with the latest design trends in the market and apply those to your eCommerce website.
      • Interaction design is trending these days. So, make sure to follow that.


      The time required for this web designing part is already included in the above-mentioned breakdown of time to build each segment.

      So, What is the Final Cost of Creating an eCommerce Website?


      So far, the cost breakdown to build an eCommerce website in terms of time looks like this.


      Features and Functionalities

      Required Time

      Sign-in page

      24-26 hours

      Catalog page

      52-54 hours

      Product page

      50-53 hours

      Shopping cart

      36-38 hours

      Checkout page

      40-44 hours


      Within 12 hours

      About us

      12-13 hours

      Contact us

      8-9 hours


      56-59 hours

      3rd-party integration

      12-13 hours

      Now, you have to consider some other factors as well. For smooth project coordination between the developers and designers, you need project managers. And to maintain the quality work throughout the entire project, you need Quality Analysts.


      So, if you include 16-19 hours for the Project Managers and around 30-33 hours for the QA engineers, the total eCommerce website cost estimate in terms of time is around 348-373 hours.


      Please note that this estimation is not the ultimate one. It definitely can vary depending on your varying project requirements.


      Also, keep in mind that no website can run smoothly without proper maintenance and support. So, your eCommerce website budget must include the cost of website maintenance as well.


      Start your online business and build impressive eCommerce websites by consulting the market-best experts at any trusted eCommerce web development firm.