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    Please check out my website

    lazyitinerary Wayfarer
      Hello everybody,


      I'm building a website and i hope you are willing to help me by giving me some feedback.
      My website is


      The website is called Lazy Itinerary and it tries to help traveler plan their itineraries worry-free and book their flights, hotels and tours at one glimpse.


      If you have any ideas or suggestions, i'd love to hear them.


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          rosstelecom Wayfarer

          Awesome idea.  In looking at the website, I immediately looked for maps to help identify the different parts of the destination. 

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            iamdonna Adventurer

            Hi, just check your site and it looks amazing! simple and clean design, even booking information/details are clear.

            If you're on using WooCommerce then i have a suggestion for you to add bookings availability search and filter functionality by just adding this booking filter plugin on WooCommerce.


            How it will help?

            It introduces an extra layer of smart search functionality to your bookings site by allowing you to segment and filter products based on price ranges, location, keywords, and allowing you to search on the basis of both fuzzy, and exact matches.


            So, your customers can easily search or check the availability of their desired trips or destination, and it will be integrated with WooCommerce bookings plugin.


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              mrkelly Wayfarer

              At first, it looked like any old travel panning site. The home page didn’t have any text explaining why it was different. But that comes from a person that knows absolutely nothing about what travel planning websites. Once I clicked on one, I was impressed with the simple yet valuable and practical information there at a glance. How in the world did you populate all of that info? Can you scale it with automated inputs? In other words, why it is different on the home page might be something to think about.

              Of course I always look for what next, which is maybe a future thing. But having an audio function to tell me how to pronounce those words, or an expanded view that shows 10-20 or more words. And/ or click to use the translator app in real time. Showing weather in F would help too. Destinations in the US?

              I didn’t see a map feature, but maybe missed it?

              I could see a social community really getting behind this and ultimately helping you in a lot of ways.

              Overall, I really like it. Great job!