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    Jewelry Designer or Fashion Stylist Associations/Clubs?

    designer Tracker
      Hello! I would like to know if there are any organized or formal jewelry designer or fashion stylist clubs out there you can join? A lot of people are into "beading" and making jewelry as a craft or hobby and then after a couple years they are over that phase, but my desire is really to be the main "necklace guy" and keep networking on a higher level with people in the TV and film industry to provide my handcrafted jewelry to the television and motion picture industry and working with fashion stylists that ultimately organize the wardrobe's and work with the director or producer. My dream would be to provide a necklace for a movie, like in "Atonement" where you saw the necklace on the young girl and then in the movie she also wore that same necklace as an older women. It was such a memorable piece. Or, I would have liked to be the one that made the necklace which is currently being displayed on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! Thank you.