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    What type of awards can a small business apply for?

    kelleyinc Newbie
      I own a facility services company with about 85 employees that has had extreme growth (800%) within the past year - and growing. I see so many companies that are recipients of "this and that" awards. Does anyond know how you go about applying for various awards and recognition?
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          designer Tracker
          Hello, Kelleyinc! I am with you, I would really like to know as well. So many web sites and businesses boast they were voted #1 for a variety of things and post little logo's of awards they received and frame certificates, etc. I have a feeling someone is going to tell us to join our local chamber of commerce? or attend some formal business associations?
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            kelley, welcome to this web site. Suggestion: Go to Members page
            and **add few words about your business and location.
            **Also are you applying for various awards and recognition locally
            (where ever you are) or across the U s??
            Have you tried Googling that question, sometimes changing a few key words.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              It depends on the type of award. I can think of four general categories:

              Performance Awards are most often sponsored by industry consortiums (usually made up of government, academic, and/or private entities) and are widely promoted in industry trade journals. There is typically a formal application and fee, and a rigorous examination and comprehensive evaluation process. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is one example.

              Qualification Awards are most often sponsored by government entities or by vendors, and are also generally promoted in trade journals and on vendor websites. As with Performance Awards, there is an application and evaluation process, but it is often less competitive (instead of recognizing only the top performers, these award generally recognize any qualified performer). The Microsoft Certified Partner Award might be one example.

              Recognition awards may be sponsored or promoted by almost any entity, from a local school to the federal government - or from a small, minority-owned shop to a major retailer. As the name suggests, these normally recognize something out of the ordinary that benefits a segment of the community, and a business is usually nominated for these by someone in that community. As an example, the Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities sponsors an Employment Award that is given to companies that "bring diverse talent, skill, and dedication to their workforces by employing disabled Texans."

              Pseudo Awards sound impressive, but may not involve anything more than the business "paying" for the award in one way or another. For instance, my firm gets an award every year from a learning materials publisher that sounds like it's a Performance or Qualification award (they even have an awards dinner, invite the press, etc.), but we really just get it because we utilize and resell a significant volume of one of their learning instruments in our seminar programs.

              Hope this helps. Welcome to the community!