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    Affiliate Networking?

    Godspeed Newbie
      Do you guys happen to know any serious affiliates in the North and South Carolina areas?
      I need Sales Representatives and Affiliates (Commission + Perks) badly. I am already in with a College, a Medical network and Loan Group.
      How do i go about getting leads that aren't a "Business List" but a "Contact List" (per say)?

      Money up front is not dooable because I am barely paying myself. My Credentials and personal references are getting me started but I need a booster. I do have a few unique things that part myself from the cloud of IT firms in these areas. I don't know where to start but I know that I am at the top of the search engines for 2 Keywords (Local) yet have time to ask questions on my server to you guys :)

      I need this thing up and running successfully. I know that's what everybody wants so I guess this is a long shot.