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    introduce myself and looking for partners

    dqmade Wayfarer

      hello everyone, my name is Joe Ryan, username here dqmade in fact is my company URL, i'm from China but have different way of thinking

      After 12 years international business, i'm re-thinking what is the value of my jobs

      I had supported supply chain for big companies like Ford Motor, Magna, Stanley, Bosch, Samsung, Toshiba...etc. but i don't think i have brought any mentionable value to them, to be simple, that's nothing important at all, they can find millions to support.


      One day when i received an email from a startup company in silicon valley, Califonia, i know how they need my help.  we worked together with equal way of communication, i can feel my value in my work.


      After that, i know what i want to do, that's way i established DeQi technology, i want it to be an international platform to help startups, e-commerce runners, like Amazon, Shpify, Ebay sellers, design, marketing, manufacturing, shipping.


      i'm here looking for partners like followed:


      iF or Red dot award won designers

      Brand owners

      Amazon FBA sellers

      Shopify independent site runners

      Freelancers who love remote works

      People who need part-time jobs

      Retired groups who want to do something instead of staying at home

      Philanthropist, philanthropic organizations, non-profit organizations


      Who can find service from us:

      Factories who need customized metal components, electronics assembly,

      Brand holders who want to turn your design to quality products,

      Dealers who want to develope unique competing items,

      Online shop owners who want to customize or upgrade your items,

      Dropshippers for amazon, ebay, shopify platform sellers,

      Wholesalors& distributors who want to rich up your production lines